On Her Shelf: Champagne Supernovas with The Style Letters

Wearing Lit Champagne Supernovas with The Style Letters

This week’s “On Her Shelf” comes to you from Maria MacNamara, the editor of The Style Letters. Maria’s sense of style is impeccable as well as attainable. When she told me that she wanted to do Maureen Callahan’s Champagne Supernovas, I couldn’t have a better book that epitomizes Maria’s love for fashion and its history!

What is the last great book your read and why?

I’ll never forget the “Grunge and Glory” photo shoot in the December 1992 issue of Vogue magazine. (In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s saved in a stack of magazines in my childhood bedroom back home.) Seeing Naomi Campbell and Kristin McMenamy dressed head-to-toe in Marc Jacobs was a transformative moment for an already fashion-obsessed eleven year old. And while I might have been too young to recognize the power of marketing or the influence of stylists, all I knew was that I would die if I didn’t get a baby backpack, plaid babydoll dress, and Doc Martens right now.

So when I came across Maureen Callahan’s Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and the ’90s Renegades Who Remade Fashion, I cleared my schedule and promptly devoured it. Callahan explores the major shift between the 80’s and 90’s style, music, and politics. This was a time where supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington were swiftly replaced with the heroin chic of Kate Moss. The fashion world – once obsessed with logos, labels, and a “bigger is better” philosophy – now turned towards style stripped of embellishment or flash, slightly messy and off-kilter. It was the antithesis of glamour and greed, and the Gen X movies and music of the day reflected this attitude of rebellion and defiance. This was the decade where the alternative became the mainstream, and Champagne Supernovas chronicles the icons, looks, and tragedies that defined the era.

Champagne Supernovas

Would you recommend this book? If so, to whom?

Absolutely! I’d recommend it to anyone who grew up in the 90’s, loves fashion, and/or enjoys insanely juicy details of debauchery and rock-and-roll lifestyles. I couldn’t put it down and definitely ignored laundry and my husband for a good day and a half.

If you liked this book so much, that you wanted your everyday attire to reflect it, what would you wear and why?

So here we are, 22 years later, and the influence of the 90’s is everywhere this season. Floral dresses paired with distressed combat boots, plaid mania, small leather backpacks – updated versions, to be sure, but the inspiration behind them can’t be denied. In addition to all of the above (will I finally get that backpack?!), I can’t get enough of slouchy, oversized sweaters and ripped jeans with booties. It’s the best kind of throwback style with just the right amount of attitude.

If you love Maria’s selection in literature and style, check out her blogThe Style Letters – and you can follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Maya Mueble & A River of Lost Voices

Wearing Lit's The River of Lost voices featuring Maya Mueble

Some of my favorite works of fiction have come from Latin American authors about Latin America – Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits, Jorge Borges The Aleph, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. I’ve never traveled south of Mexico or even studied Spanish (which I deeply regret and might pickup). It is the elaborate setting, richness of character, and intertwined religious, political, and military conflicts that I find fascinating. Mark Brazaitis’s The River of Lost Voices is no exception. This collection of short stories is a beautiful assortment of variety, perspective, and magical realism set in Guatemala. One of my favorite stories was called “Snow” about an independent woman Saida who doesn’t follow expectations but longs to explore the world. Given a unique turn of events, she manages to achieve success on her own and without the reliance on someone else, as she initially anticipated.

This week’s “wearing lit” is more of a “living lit”. I’ve waited patiently all summer for Maya Mueble’s new shipment of products and store opening at 3754 N. Ashland in Chicago. I’m a huge fan of the furniture pieces, they are beautiful pieces like works of art but also extremely functional. I would love to add this Acapulco Chair or Comoda Chair to my apartment, both pieces are versatile for indoor and outdoor. Now that it’s fall, I feel as if I’m permanent wrapped in a blanket; La Libertad blanket in grey and Momostenango Blanket are my favorites. I’ve been crushing on this rug for several months, I think it’s time to add it to my apartment. Love these pieces!?!?! Maya Mueble offers plenty of variety – shop furniture, blankets, rugs, hammocks, and market finds.

Reading and Wearing 07

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For 2015, I’d like to find a way to attend one or two design or tech conferences, and I will probably do it later in 2015. This article analyzes trends in conferences and what to look for when deciding where and what to go to.

Love this hat trend round up that Jennie did. I’ve been on the lookout for a perfect hat, but run into some sizing issues.

As someone who has never been able to do a pull up, I’m going to use these steps to work my way up.

If you don’t follow Megan’s blog, you should. She’s been killin’ it with the unique outfit posts that are so editorial. She’s able to put a whole look together and capture something really cool with her styling.

One of the things that I would like to explore more in my design work is social activism within design. Design Sponge published an article about looking at design without gender, that I find particularly interesting and valuable, especially when people think about decor and style.

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