#GirlBoss Review on Wearing Lit

Often I the books I read shed light on my current personal and professional life. Last week, I reviewed #GIRLBOSS for The Style Letter’s Style Views series. When I was debating what book to use as a way to announce the massive amount of changes that are happening today – it was either #GIRLBOSS (again) or Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About Neck (which is coming this week).

Abandoning The Garden Apt. – harsh, but slightly true. If anything, my lack of writing over the past couple of months was in preparation for this inevitable switch. I wanted to make the switch so that I could focus more on White Oak Creative (more on that later), and I also wanted just to write wearing lit pieces that were more personal. In all honesty, the hardest thing for me to leave behind was my garden apt badge. Nonetheless, I ripped the bandaid off. So now, this Lindsay Humes blog will just be my wearing lit series, usually weekly, but maybe more or maybe less.

Today with White Oak Creative, I’ve launched my a new site design, a premade blog shop with 8 premade themes, and prints for sale at Society6. So let’s talk about #GIRLBOSS. I really enjoyed this book. I liked it 1000% better than LEAN IN. I think it is partially due to the fact that I read it when I needed to read it. In the midst of doing all of the above listed things, I was feeling exhausted, down emotionally and motivationally, and a little bit frustrated. I took a few evenings (when I’m usually working on my own things), and I took a few evenings to read this book. There’s a few key things that I took away from it. First, Sophia describes her first few years on EBAY has just hunkering down and hustling, which I’ve been doing, but I also needed to hear. Adam keeps on reminding me how incredible it is that I’ve created this business from being self-taught and that it is in demand. I think having my own sites out-of-line was kind of crushing my spirit a bit. Secondly, define my own path by focusing on myself. When I started doing this, I’m creativity and inspiration increased 100-fold. I went through my social media accounts and feedly and I unfollowed things and people that didn’t inspire me. I added website, people, and companies that I enjoyed reading, and I started taking 30 minutes each morning to write or draw whatever I was thinking about that morning. Not only do I feel more focused, but I learn something new everyday. I realized that I consider “good days” based off what I learned, and I need to make sure I’m learning something new each day.

One to the fashion part, part of who I’m is about being efficient and minimal. I’ve started to figure out what my uniform includes: skinny jeans, shoes with a heel or slight heel, bucket bags or totes (nothing else), daily easy jewelry including my Micheal Kors watch with my Michelle Starbuck Design studs, and maybe a t-shirt or silky blouse. With this uniform, I feel comfortable but put together and confident. It is the comfort and confidence that I think are the two essential values of becoming one’s own #GIRLBOSS.

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Clear Skin Detox Diet

Wearing Lit's Clear Skin Detox Diet Review by Lindsay Humes of The Garden Apt.

I discovered Clear Skin Detox Diet from my friend Ashlee at The Little Foxes. Intrigued, I purchased the book off of Amazon and read it in less than 24 hours. Shaheen, who also read the book and interviewed Lauren Talbot here, agreed that it makes perfect sense. The book outlines what foods help promote healthy skin. The thing I enjoyed about it was that it wasn’t radical. Talbot doesn’t advocated for a strict vegan only diet, but is very realistic about the choices and decisions one should make to help promote healthy skin. The key is a plant-based diet, and eating fruit in the morning (you’ll have to read to find out why this is key, but this has been a game changer for me).

You might be asking yourself, where’s the carrot print shorts? The chicken leg printed tee? Well, I view this wearing lit as less literal and more of a lifestyle ideal – stylish, simple, sophisticated. This whole ensemble would be great for my summer uniform. The days of wearing booty shorts and skimpy tank tops are long gone for me, and my summer apparel is now more reserved – tees with printed skirts, shorts with sweatshirts, etc. Not to mention, as I encroach on 30, I’ve finally become serious about skincare. I’m moisturizing daily, and I’ve become addicted to serums thanks to Laurie and Caitlin. I’ve also come to terms with the sun. As a woman of Irish-Scotish-English ancestory, the sun is not my friend. Spray tans are my friend; hence, the importance of hats.

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Wearing Literature: Oasis | A Weekly Series on The Garden Apt. Blog

I’m a big fan of having a lot of books around the house. Lately, I’ve felt quite un-satisfied with the Internet as a source of entertainment and knowledge, and I’ve been reading a few of the books I have around my house. I’m quite in love with Oasis. Since I don’t have any vacations planned for the summer, this book transports me into a vacation filled with relaxation, cool breezes, and sandy beaches. It will also be a perfect escape in the winter. I love bold, tropical prints (although I wear them sparingly); I’m probably most likely seen in this sweatshirt. After attending Sam’s event at Madewell a few weeks ago, I’ve become obsessed with yet another pair of Madewell heels.



In honor of Father’s Day and the beginning of summer, I couldn’t think of more perfect book than Amity Gaige’s Schroder. The novel recounts a father’s week-long excursion/kidnapping of his daughter Meadow during a parental visit. The novel takes place in New England, jumps back and forth between the present and the past events that explain the protagonist’s actions. When trying to “wear this” novel, two things stand out: 1) summer and 2) being on the run but not looking like being on the run. With summer, SPF and shade are a must. I’m kind of a big fan of these ball caps from J.Crew. There’s also something about wearing that hat that makes one feel a little more covered up, different appearance. The t-shirt, skirt, and sandals are all very casual for the summer and easy to move in (cause you’re on the run). Lately, I think I’ve been in a huge t-shirt craze. I love pairing them with skirts or printed pants. Since this post is in honor of Father’s Day, I think it is important to note that Father’s Day is a little bit more casual than Mother’s Day, and this ensemble would be perfect for brunch!

The Husband’s Secret


Last month, my book club read The Husband’s Secret, picked by Laurie. Unfortunately, it is one of those books that I can’t tell you too much about for fear of giving away the plot. In fact, despite the novel’s title, this book is all about the mothers. Set in Australia, the novel details the lives of three women – Rachel, Tess, and Cecelia.

None the less, the theme of the book is the hectic lives of women. Something that looks put together, but is functional. This ensemble is kind of my summer go-to uniform: skirt, t-shirt, jacket, and tote bag. I’ve the Cuyana Tote bag in black, which I love for work and Madewell tote for day-to-day use (similar here). In the same line of day-to-day wear, I love wearing unique studs. Remember when everyone wore faux pearls in college? Well, my go to are the Michelle Starbuck Design triangle studs, but I’m kind of crazy about Rebecca Zemans Galaxy Studs. Last weekend with Laurie, I picked up these Madewell Lora Sandals. They are great for everyday wear, kind of like this Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch, which I’ve added to my birthday list!

Just Kids


Just Kids is on my top 5 favorite reads of all time. My copy’s binding is worn from several re-readings, pages are earmarked throughout, and excerpts are underlined and stared in the margins. I’ve recommended Just Kids to countless friends, looking for a good memoir or even just a good read, but I refuse to let friends borrow the book for fear that I will never get it back. I guess you could say Just Kids might be my favorite. The NY Times book review titled their article, “Bohemian Soul Mates in Obscurity”…how perfect…Written by Patti Smith, published 2010, the memoir documents Patti’s relationship with fellow artist Robert Mapplethorpe. It won the 2010 National Book Award for Nonfiction, a much deserving award.

To wear Patti Smith is to keep it simple and bohemian. White shirt, black jeans, black jacket…philosophical. With summer around the corner, I really can’t think about jackets…none the less, white shirts and black jeans are right up my alley. I also envision Patti wearing Michelle Starbuck Designs, partially because it seems like everyone I know is becoming a Michelle Starbuck fan, but the simplicity and every-day wearability of the pieces seem to be right up Ms. Smith’s alley.