Best Blogging Books for Creating an Unforgettable Brand


Blogging seems to always be changing and evolving – what was relevant one month is no longer relevant. I tend to disagree with this statement to a certain extent. High-quality, original content has always been the main factor in successful blogs.

Despite the quick evolution, blogging books can be a helpful resource in establishing your brand. The books featured below helped me become a better blogger; even though, only one book is truly dedicated to blogging. I learned related lessons from the other books that I applied to blogging.

Best Blogging Books

Best Blogging Books

  1. Blog, Inc: I read this book when I first started a blog (before I became a designer), and I recently reread it. Despite being published in 2012, the advice provided is still as important today. Plus, it provides great insight from an original professional blogger, Joy Cho of Oh Joy!
  2. Everybody WritesThinking of starting a blog? Be prepared to write, write, and write some more! Finding writing process can be a struggle (it was for me). This book breaks it down into easily digestible steps.
  3. Daily RitualsWhereas Everybody Writes focused on the actual writing, Daily Rituals provides insight into the daily schedule of famous creatives and thought leaders.
  4. Capture Your StyleInstagram plays a bigger role in a content creator’s overall brand. Aimee Song’s book is a great introduction to using the social media platform as an influencer.
  5. How to Style Your Brand: Most bloggers are responsible for generating their brand graphics, emails, and social media visuals. Fiona Humberstone’s book is an easy-to-digest design manual for people DIYing their brand.
  6. Influence: The Psychology of PersuasionThis book made me completely rethink how I marketed myself as a business owner and content creator. It helped me see the whole interaction as a seller and consumer.
  7. Creative, Inc: Another book written by Joy Cho (same author of Blog, Inc), this text focuses on the business elements of running your digital brand.
  8. Tools of TitansA collection of tools, tips, and recommendations from Tim Ferriss and over two-hundred icons, business owners, and performers on what has worked for them and helped them achieve success.

Any books about blogging that you love? Share them below in the comments! 

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Best Books About Blogging