What are the Best Blogging Tips for New Bloggers?


Has someone suggested to you that you start a blog? Do you have a great idea for a blog, but haven’t got started yet? It’s definitely tempting to create a platform to explore a creative endeavor or side hustle.

Blogging is a ton of work. It can very easily become a full-time job regardless if you are making a profit. The amount of effort required to produce a beautiful, high-quality blog post is one of the reasons that I don’t work with new bloggers on custom work. I’ve seen too many new bloggers fail to even start. In order to start with your best foot forward, I’ve put together my top tips for new bloggers (and anyone struggling to grow their brand).

Create a Business Plan

Want to monetize your blog? Would like to become a full-time blogger? The first step is to start treating your blog like a business. Be professional with it by crafting a blog business plan. You do not see small boutiques selling furniture and groceries. Your blog should be clear and concise. The value of your blog lies not in the breadth of what you cover but the details and depth. Over time, you might expand, and you might not. But, a point of focus is clear, cohesive, and easy to communicate.

Identify Your Content Purpose

Most bloggers get distracted with a success purpose, such as “run my blog full time”. This purpose doesn’t provide any insight into what you do and why readers go to your content. Your content purpose identifies the innovations you are adding to your niche. It should be concrete, tangible, and something that your readers can easily identify. For example, in Delicious Meets Healthy, Neli creates quick, easy recipes that are family-friendly but with a nutritional focus (dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegetarian). Her recipes provide solutions to busy men and women looking to eat healthier.

I also recommend checking out Simon Sinek’s Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. The book is about great companies and leaders, but it will give you some very tangible ideas on how you can apply it to your blog.

Find a Process That Works For You

Consistency is key to blogging. In order to generate beautiful, high-quality content, you need to create the systems in your life that will allow you to do it. Figure out a regular schedule for styling and photography content, editing photography, and writing blog posts. It’s about practice. The more you do it, the better you get.

Invest Your Social Time in Pinterest

For my custom clients, their two biggest sources of traffic are Google (organic traffic) and Pinterest. Pinterest is the one platform can drive significant traffic to your website, regardless of platform (almost). Optimizing your Pinterest account, using Tailwind, and pinning beautiful blog post templates are three things you must do with your account. In The Strategy Hour Podcast, they talked about focusing your time on one social media platform first. It’s something that I’m coming back to my business this year to focus on!

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Best Blogging Tips for New Bloggers