What are the Best Blogging Tips for New Bloggers?


Hope you had a wonderful week! I’m slowing things down a lot during this past week and this week. I needed a little blogging break – mentally, and I’m finishing up the updates to the site that will launch next weekend. I’m also trying to work half days these two weeks to recharge for 2016.

Top 10 Posts for Lifestyle Bloggers and Content Creators

Around May 2015, I started blogging regularly – sharing tutorials, resources, and advice on how to become a better blogger and run your website more efficiently. Most of these posts come from previous customer questions; as a result, the blog grew tremendously over the last seven months, and I’m very excited to see how the blog will help shape my business in 2016.

As I planned for 2016, I analyzed my Google Analytics reports to see what posts attracted the most readers and had the highest engagement. As you plan your blog for 2016, check out these best blogging tips to improve and grow your brand!

10 | Common Blog Mistakes + How to Fix Them

I’m grateful this post made the top ten, but I’m a little surprised it is not higher up the list. It is full of solutions to very frequent mistakes. How frequent? Well, I still see these issues with almost every new site I install (eek!)

9 | My Writing Blog Post Process

In the past, I struggled to write blog posts regularly. I tended to save everything for a Saturday and ended up miserable with a still incomplete to-do list. For me, writing is something that I need to do each day. This process builds in daily blogging time every day. I need to be ahead of schedule and have a comprehensive editorial calendar, but it is a schedule that works for me.

8 | Writing a Blogging Business Plan

Want to monetize your blog? Would like to become a full-time blogger? The first step is to start treating your blog like a business. Be professional with it and commit to a focus. You do not see small boutiques selling furniture and groceries. Your blog should not include everything under the kitchen sink. It should be clear and concise. The value of your blog lies not in the breadth of what you cover but the details and depth. Over time, you might expand, and you might not. But, a point of focus is clear, cohesive, and easy to communicate.

7 | Blog + Business Audit Part 2: Services

Several of the posts featured in this roundup is part of the Brand + Business Audit. Honestly, I’m still quite surprised with the reception I received by the audit. I initially created it as a way for me to improve my brand. I found myself so sick of rebranding and redoing, that I wanted to ensure that my brand was 100% solid for me to grow it.

6 | Writing An About Page

Every blog needs an About page. For some people, it is tough to write. This post outlines best practices and key questions you should ask yourself whether you are creating an about page for the first time or editing an existing one.

5 | #Girlboss Reading List

Here’s a great lesson in catchy headlines. I initially titled this post “June Reading List”. However, when I updated my blog post graphics, I chose “#Girlboss” because I found it more catchy. I repinned the graphic, and since then, this post continues to earn lots of traffic.

4 | A Seamless Extension of Your Brand (Email Newsletter Design)

I frequently run into professionally designed blogs without an email sign-up and template that aligns with the branding. There is a huge disconnect (not to mention someone cutting corners on services). If your sign-up forms and email templates do not align with your overall site, this post guides you through setting up your sign-up form and email templates.

3 | How Identifying My Purpose Lead to Meaningful Blog Growth

When I wrote this post, I saw my website traffic jump from about 1000 pageviews a month to 6000 page views, and I was elated. Now, I average about 30,000 page views a month, but the same points I made in this post exist today. I would even say that I’ve fine-tuned my purpose even more since writing that post.

2 | Designing Blog Post Templates

Next week, I will be launching the first of several different blogging products for lifestyle publishers – blog post templates. Creating a cohesive and consistent brand identity for your blog post graphics is just as (if not more) important as the blog design itself.

1 |Service Pages: A Case Study Example

My most popular post of 2015 detailed my experience with a poor service page and steps I took to improve it. Key points of this post include pricing and the importance of a clear call-to-action. I’m surprised that this post was the most popular since it is focused a specific topic. On the other hand, it is thorough and explicit with examples.

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Want more Blogging tips? Check out these posts! If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Top 10 Posts for Lifestyle Bloggers and Content Creators