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posted on: February 14, 2018

When purchasing WordPress hosting, most people look for a host based on cost. Unfortunately, they find themselves in sticky situations a few months later. WordPress Hosting is a key component to any successful website. It contributes to your brand reputation, can improve your SEO, and potentially increase your sales.

Evaluate Your WordPress Hosting Needs

Selecting the type of hosting program for your needs can initially seem overwhelming. There are various types of hosting options – free, shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting.

Affordable Hosting Options

  • Free WordPress Hosting is available but always with a catch. This type typically is operated by individuals who are reselling part of their server space. You might be required to put a text link in the footer or incorporate banner ads on your site. You never know when the person will stop offering the free hosting. I never recommend this solution.
  • Shared WordPress Hosting is the most popular option for bloggers and websites, especially sites that are just starting. It is the most affordable option and least risky. Shared hosting is where you share a server with other websites. Since hosting providers have multiple sites on one server, they can offer it at an affordable rate. Be careful with the use of the word unlimited with these options. They often have caps, so if your blog is growing (around 60-100k pageviews a month), you might want to check other options.

Premium Hosting Options

  • WordPress VPS Hosting is best for medium-sized business, high traffic blogs, and designers/developers. Virtual Private Server (VPS) refers to a virtual machine. This method partitions a physical server computer into multiple servers depending on the individual customer’s needs. You are still sharing a server with a handful of others.
  • WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting is a physical server that you can lease from a hosting provider. You have full control over the server, including what you operate on it. This approach is only recommended if you have a significant amount of traffic. If you do not employ a system administrator or have no experience with servers, then you should not use this approach and opt for managed WordPress hosting.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting allows you to host WordPress based sites and nothing else. They only host WordPress sites, optimized for performance, secure, and keep regular backups. Managed WordPress hosting is ideal for established bloggers who can justify the expense with their revenue. WPEngine is an example of managed WordPress Hosting.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

With these options, it’s time to find the best provider for your needs. After working with hundreds of bloggers to setup and manage their WordPress blogs, these recommendations come from my experience with each one of these providers. Each of these providers provide excellent service and support.

  • SiteGround is by far my favorite hosting provider. I use them for this site, and I have moved countless bloggers over to SiteGround from Bluehost. Their shared hosting plan is perfect for most bloggers. Compared to several other hosting companies, you receive the best customer service and support from SIteGround. You can actually get someone on the phone or through chat if needed, but you will hardly need it.
  • OrangeGeek is a popular hosting company for my clients who get hundreds of thousands of page views per month. They have fast VPS hosting solutions!
  • WPEngine is for managed WordPress hosting, and it comes with a hefty cost. This option is ideal for large, high-traffic blogs and websites. They can help migrate your content from a different platform.

There are a few hosting companies that I do not recommend. They are Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator. These companies are owned by EIG, and their service is sub-par for blogger’s needs.

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