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Purchasing a WordPress theme can seem like an overwhelming experience. If you have been burned by a designer in the past, I completely understand your hesitations. If you are new to blogging, certain lingo might seem like a foreign language. I encourage all customers to reach out to me with questions before they purchase. I want to make sure they are 100% clear on what they are receiving before they purchase, and I’m happy to answer any questions by email.

Certain questions come up a little more frequently than others, so I thought I would answer them for you. If you are a designer, you might face similar questions or learn from this process.

Blog Design Faqs: What To Know Before You Start Your Blog

How do I go about purchasing a package?

Blog Shop orders are processed directly through the website. Once you know what you want (check out this post to help you determine your needs), you would purchase the theme you want. Orders are paid through Paypal. Once your order is received, you will receive a zip file with your download!

I’m not sure what option is best for me. What do you recommend?

The themes are purposefully designed to provide bloggers and content creators with a beautiful site that optimizes page views and encourages reader engagement. They are also neutrally-designed to be flexible depending on one’s content. My Blog Design Questionnaire can help you plan your design features before you start looking for a theme.

Can we meet to go over what I want to purchase?

Unfortunately, I do not do any in-person meetings or phone calls for the Blog Shop orders. To keep the costs low, I use this policy. I will answer any and all questions you have via email, especially before you purchase.

Do the themes work on or blogger?

My themes are designed only for self-hosted WordPress. You will have to have a hosting account for the project. The resources page walks you through some FAQs as well as provides a video demo to installing the theme!

Is hosting included? Who do you recommend for hosting?

Hosting is not included in any of the packages or themes. Customers are responsible for purchasing hosting themselves. I recommend SiteGround if you have less than 50k page views a month. SiteGround has significantly better customer service than other platforms like Dreamhost, GoDaddy, and Hostgator. If you have over 50k page views, I recommend a premium hosting provider like WPEngine. For blogs with over 100k pageviews a month, I recommend OrangeGeek.

I would like this customization, but I don’t see it listed. Can I pay you extra to do it?

The themes come with different customization potential – such as color, page layout, and post features. These are built into the theme.s If you have a question whether or not a customization falls under the ones listed, send me an email

Can I use my own header with your theme? Can I use my own logo with one of your packages?

Yes, you can use your own header with any of my themes. 


What does support look like for the themes and packages?

Once a person purchases a theme, they become part of the community. I will answer questions/emails about your blog design for the lifetime of the theme. They can also sign up for the closed Facebook group where I provide support. If your tech support inquiry is related to content, I will often refer clients to the tutorials on the blog that show them how to do it themselves. I’m a firm believer in teaching clients to fish.

I provide support on any theme issues for the lifetime of theme, as long as the customer has not interfered with the code of the theme. If the customer alters the code of the theme, he/she removes his/her right to receive any tech support on the theme.

Hosting and plugin tech support is not provided with the theme. If there is a theme issue due to a plugin, please reach out to the plugin author.

Essentially, if you have a question, I will answer it. If the answer involves fixing a bug on my end, I will fix it free of charge. Otherwise, I will give you all the possible solutions to resolving your question.

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Blog Design Faqs: What To Know Before You Start Your Blog