How to Find the Permalink of a Scheduled WordPress Post

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posted on: January 25, 2018

Without scheduling, I would be completely lost. My day-to-day consistent primarily of 90-95% of client and customer work. As a business owner, marketing my own brand always comes second (despite my efforts to get that ratio closer to 50-50).

While I might be able to edit and finalize a post on a Friday, I prefer to publish it on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Those days are higher traffic days. In the past, I would then use HootSuite or Buffer to schedule my posts. This process required me to copy the permalink. Now, I use Coschedule to schedule all posts. Coschedule is by far one of my top three purchases that I’ve made for my brand.

How to Find the Permalink of a Scheduled WordPress Post

  1. Go to POSTS < ADD NEW POST.
  2. Enter your Blog Post title, and a permalink will generate. Make sure the permalink you generate is the one you want to use. Once you submit it to a link up, if you change it, it will not work!
  3. Under the PUBLISH toggle, go to “Publish” and select edit.
  4. Enter the date and time you want the post to go live. Press “OK”. A common mistake people make is not selecting “OK”. The post is now scheduled.
  5. You can go back up to the PERMALINK under the post title and copy that link. If you click it now, it will open in a new tab with a preview of your post.

How to Schedule a Blogger Post

Scheduling a blogger post and finding the permalink is very similar to WordPress.

  1. Select the orange NEW POST button at the top of your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Enter in your blog post title and press SAVE.
  3. In the right toggle, under POST SETTINGS, select SCHEDULE. You have two options – Automatic or Set a Day and Time. Select the day and time you want your post to go live. Press “DONE” when you are set. Otherwise, your schedule post will not save.
  4. In the right toggle, under POST SETTINGS, select PERMALINK. You have two options to create an automatic permalink or a custom permalink. Creating a custom permalink will not remove the date associated with the post nor the .html.

Editing a Post

Once you schedule your blog post, you can change all elements of the post content. If you share the permalink with other people before the post is published, then you don’t want to change the permalink. If you do, they will get a 404 error page.

Want to learn more about permalinks?

I’ve written two extensive posts on WordPress permalinks and redirects. While this information should be basic to any designer/developer, I believe that it is key for bloggers to understand. These posts aim to help bloggers get a better understanding of their site and theme functionality.

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