Ultimate Guide to Creating Awesome Visuals for Your Blog


I’ve said it again and again, but your blog images are the biggest key to a successful blog. Whether on social media or your blog, readers respond initially to your visuals. You can have a beautiful theme, but it will fall flat if your visual representation is subpar.

When thinking about what to invest in for your blog, choose photography. A simple theme can take you far. Sub-par photographs will not. This advice is coming from someone who specializes in blog design. I’m telling you to spend your money elsewhere (initially).

Over the past couple of months, I have written extensively on how to improve your blog visuals, what tools you need and how to use them! I created this series to cover all elements of visual content creation for lifestyle bloggers.

Comprehensive Guide to Creating Beautiful Blog Graphics


If possible, opt to use your original photography. For most lifestyle publishers, this fact is a given. However, if you are an infopreneur, this could be your weakness. It was mine. Two investments I made were building my archive of props for styled photography and hiring a photographer for my rebrand. If you want to expand your blog’s original photography, you will find these posts helpful:

Blog Post Templates + Graphics

I cringe when I see someone invest in a custom design but not use the on-brand templates created for their brand. Your blog design is not just the theme; it’s the templates used within the design and on social media. On top of sharing details on how you can create your own, I offer six different template sets in the shop!


Bloggers are in the unique position to understand how images work within their site from an SEO perspective. Way too often bloggers underutilize visuals – whether it’s not saving them down correctly or not following SEO best practices. This area is where you can stand out from the rest!

Consistent Brand Identity with Blog Post Templates

Save time creating the blog and social media graphics by using Photoshop templates! Templates are a huge timesaver for me. I place in a brand image and customize the text for the post! Presto! It’s ready to go! You can read about how blog post templates helped me grow my brand on Pinterest!

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Comprehensive Guide to Creating Beautiful Blog Graphics