My Must-Have Tools for Running Your Blog


I am always reminding myself that there are only 24 hours in a day. While some of us wish that we can dedicate all of our time to running our blogs, it is not a reality. Over the course of my blogging life, I have experimented with a few different blogging tools to run my blog.  Everything that I have listed below, I currently use today.

The Best Free and Premium Tools for Running Your Blog Professionally

Editorial Calendar + Blog Metrics Tracker

Without my editorial calendar, I would be lost. My calendar is a Mon Cahier Planner. I always have a running brainstorming list of post ideas. Tracking my metrics also helps me understand what type of content is more successful than other content. I also use Quickbooks to track my business expenses.

Photo + Graphics Creating Software

I always recommend that bloggers invest in photography and blog graphics tools. Visuals tell a story but also help market your brand to new resources. Adobe’s Creative Cloud bundle with Photoshop + Lightroom meets almost anyone’s blog post needs. If Photoshop is overwhelming for you, you might want to check out my Blog Post Templates. These templates are a great way for you to become more comfortable with Photoshop while simultaneously giving your blog a professional aesthetic.

Social Media Scheduling Programs

I can only spend a limited amount of time on social media each day, so I rely on a couple of different tools that help me establish an active social media presence.

  • For Pinterest, Tailwind is my go-to for growing my Pinterest following. I have tried a few different tools, and these tools are the one’s that I have seen the best results.
  • For Twitter and Facebook, I use CoSchedule. It allows you to schedule content from your site at optimal times. I use CoSchedule to post new content but also plan archive content. In the Coschedule Dashboard, I can see what posts were successful and what were not.
  • For Instagram, Latergramme is my favorite. Two or three times a month, I try to build up a bank of Instagram photographs to post. I then write captions and schedule them through Latergramme.

Site Protection + Security

Vaultpress and CloudFlare are my two favorite tools. I recommend these resources to all of my clients and customers. Vaultpress automatically creates a back-up of your content. CloudFlare is a CDN system that distributes your content over a network. If your site is having outages or is slow, CloudFlare helps speed up your website.

Other Tools

I also use WordPress App on my iPhone, Grammarly, and MailChimp to help run my blog. The WordPress App allows me to check on my site metrics and reply to comments if I’m away from my computer. Grammarly is an excellent grammar and spelling editor (installed on your browser). I tend to rush my posts or overlook the editing process, and this tool has helped me out immensely. Finally, I rely on MailChimp to setup my email marketing campaigns and newsletters. It is easy to setup and integrates with my website.

What blogging tools do you love?

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The Best Free and Premium Tools for Running Your Blog Professionally