Why You Should Build an Email List


Why You Need to Build an Email List for Your Blog
When I first started my business, I didn’t think about setting up a newsletter or opportunities to collect email addresses. It is one of the biggest regrets I made. As soon as I started to collect emails, I saw an enormous shift in how I connected with potential clients and customers, as well as establishing myself in within my tribe. If you haven’t started building your email list, these three reasons will undoubtedly convince you why!


Email Marketing is Proven to Be More Effective Than Social Media (by almost 40%) – McKinsey + Company

Social media might seem like you are doing a lot, but the rewards of it pale in comparison to email marketing. As a solo-entrepreneur, I have to pick and choose what I dedicate my time to.  I devote my time to cultivating my email list. The Smarter Saturday newsletter is a great way for people to get more insights into my business. The feedback I’ve received from clients, potential customers, and others has been very encouraging, and I’ve seen in translate into sales.

Target Audience Preference

People prefer to receive promotional emails from companies they work with – Marketing Sherpa

I believe that all consumers make smart and planned purchases. A newsletter opens up the opportunity for potential clients to gain free resources from your brand and understand you better. Therefore, guaranteeing a better client relationship. I’ve found that the #SmarterSaturday newsletter does an excellent job of communicating my dedication to helping female small-business owners while also cultivating community.

High Conversion Rate

66% of consumers have made a direct purchase based on an email marketing message – Direct Marketing Association

Email marketing has a high conversion! If you are selling online, building that email list is so much more effective than social media or just listing offers on your site! I’ve collected emails through my free downloads. I send monthly email updates on new products and listings. If you are selling products (or services), with an email list you have an excellent opportunity to convert sales!

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Why You Need to Build an Email List for Your Blog