Why You MUST Build an Email List

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posted on: December 4, 2018

When I first started my business, I did not pay any attention to creating a newsletter or collecting email addresses. Out of all my business missteps, I regret this one the most. As soon as I started to collect email addresses, I saw an enormous shift in how I connected with potential clients. Moreover, email list building has been a way for me to build a very loyal group of readers, customers, and clients.

When Jordan and I launch Brand Soirée, 90% of our sales came directly from our small, but loyal email list. As we work on Brand Soirée 2.0, we decided that we would focus exclusively on list building compared to any other social media channels. You might also notice that I have revamp the personal email list. I will share more case studies about what I’m doing with my sequences in the email marketing section.

If you have not started building your email list, these three reasons will undoubtedly convince you why!


Email Marketing is Proven to Be More Effective Than Social Media (by almost 40%) – McKinsey + Company

Social media might seem like you are doing a lot, but its rewards pale in comparison to email marketing. As a solo-entrepreneur, I have to pick and choose what I dedicate my time to.  I devote my time to cultivating my email list. I’ve set up several targeted automation sequences, including my Blog Better Audit Series. While my blog posts are mainly scholarly articles, my Coffee Chats newsletter is more intimate newsletter where subscribers can get to know me better.

Target audience preference

People prefer to receive promotional emails from companies they work with – Marketing Sherpa

I believe that all consumers make smart and planned purchases. A newsletter opens up the opportunity for potential clients to gain free resources from your brand and understand you better. Therefore, guaranteeing a better client relationship. For example, in my Coffee Chats newsletter, I share details behind what decisions I’ve made as a female small-business owner while also cultivating community.

High conversion rate

66% of consumers have made a direct purchase based on an email marketing message – Direct Marketing Association

Email marketing has a high conversion! If you are selling online, building that email list is so much more effective than social media or just listing offers on your site! Using various opt-in methods over the years – free downloads, subscriber-only information, and email courses – I am able to provide incentives that only subscribers receive. Currently, email courses in the form of automated sequences is my favorite method. I find that I can set these up and make them evergreen. I also don’t have to rely on a separate PDF that subscribers get, and it can keep people on my list longer, knowing they want to work their way through a free course.

Tools I use for my email list

Right now, I’m focused on setting up my automation sequences for my email list. I’ve found that it is not really beneficial to gather emails if I’m not going to do anything with it. Other than integrating sign-up forms through my website, I use only MailChimp and Boxzilla (popups).

Do you have any questions about building an email list? I’d love to hear your feedback! If you are interested in seeing what my automation sequences look like, feel free to subscribe here!

Why You Need to Build An Email List Today!

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