How to Create Columns in Pages

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posted on: January 10, 2018

Do you want to format your pages easily so that you have text divided into columns? Or perhaps put an image next to a text block? Would you also like to have these columns mobile responsive? Yup, me too!

Here’s your super easy/wish-you-found-it-sooner solution: Column Shortcodes!

What does this plugin do?

The plugin allows you to break your content easily into columns using a shortcode within posts, pages and other content. If you want to put two vertical images next to each other, you will use this shortcode.

How to Set It Up

Install and activate the plugin. Once you do, you’ll see a new icon at the top of your visual editor. When you click this icon, you will see a pop-up list of column shortcodes to select. These shortcodes will fraction off your post. So if you want two columns, you would use halves.

The last fraction you utilized in a row should be “(last)”. It will look like this [fraction_last].  This structure is critical because it closes the row.

You can adjust the padding to give space in between your images.

Where Is This Plugin Used

I have used this plugin on several different websites for clients, as well as my own. I particularly like to use it for clients, because it makes it extremely easy for them to update text and images. Essentially, you can use this plugin on any post type – pages, posts, portfolio listings, and product listings:

You don’t have to use equal fractions too! In my services page, I’ve used a third with two-thirds. You can get creative! I have included a few different screenshots below, as it is pretty straightforward to use.

Make sure to check out the documentation within the Plugin Directory for more information if you get stuck!

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