Due to the number of emails I received, I wanted to streamline this process (and save you time). If you are interested in working with me as a web designer and developer, I have summarized the types of projects I’m available for, and how you can get in contact with me. As always, you can send me an email at hi@lindsayhumes.com.

Studio Inquiries

For Custom Work

Blog Design Clients

If you are a potential client, review my full-service, custom blog design package, and send me an email with your website, project timeline, and any other considerations. Occasionally, I will take on blog design and development projects that do not involve branding. Please note that I only take on full blog design projects at this time for new clients.

WordPress Development

If you are a designer looking for a custom WordPress developer, I’m here to help! Review my custom development package, and then send me an email with your project details, timeline, and budget. I develop custom WordPress themes for blogs, websites, portfolio sites, and select e-commerce.

Past Clients

If you are a past client who wants to make an update to your site, simply send me an email about your project, budget, and timeline. Please note that there is a four-week waitlist for project updates. The minimum quote for a project update is $500.


Do you have a project that you would love to collaborate with me on? I consider these projects on a case by case basis. You can see one of my collaborations in action – Brand Soirée! Contact me about your project details!

Shop Inquiries

Premade Products

Potential Customers

Are you interested in purchasing a shop product but have a question? Feel free to send any and all questions you might have about my products before you buy! I answer all emails within 48 hours. Since I can’t offer refunds due to the nature of the product, I want to ensure that you are 100% confident before you purchase!

Current Theme Customers

Make sure to join my private Facebook group for the up-to-date information about my themes. If you would like a free theme review or featured in the lookbook, simply send me an email with your website name and URL.

Support Tickets

Did you know that the Resource Center is available, where you can find answers to most of your questions? You will find detailed theme documentation and troubleshooting articles. My blog is a growing library of helpful tutorials on WordPress, blogging, SEO, and branding. If you still need help, I’m here to help you. Before you submit a ticket, please make sure that your question relates to the theme and not a plugin or third-party issue. Send an email with your issue and website URL to hi@lindsayhumes.com.

Blog Inquiries

Writing + Speaking


I take on select in person and virtual speaking engagements throughout the year that focus on SEO, Blog Design, and Custom WordPress Development. I prefer to participate in conferences that have been established (not the first year) and are relatively easy for me to travel to from the Bay Area. I prefer book these trips at least six weeks in advance. If it’s a virtual workshop or conference, I book these about four weeks in advance. Contact me about your event, and you’ll receive a response within a week.

Blog Features

I do not take any sponsored posts or paid links on my site. If you would like me to include a link to your article on my site, don’t email me. I don’t do it.


If you would like to interview me for a feature on your blog or website, email me your interview questions and your website. I will respond to all interviews within a week.

Other Inquiries

Don’t see what you fall into here? Send me an email at hi@lindsayhumes.com with details about your project!