Looking to sell your own digital cookbooks? Let’s work together to create a beautiful digital and print piece that showcases your recipes. While each project receives a custom quote based on the project’s goals, challenges, and needs, below you will find an idea about typical deliverables, process, timeline, and cost.

Templates Included

Each digital cookbook includes a few basic templates – cover, introduction, table of contents, recipe layout, and closing page. Additional templates/pages can be added to the cookbook. With any additions, there will be increased costs depending on size and time.

Client Provides

Clients must provide the following: all high-res photographs (at least 1200px wide); complete recipe text for all recipes (title, ingredients, instructions, time, servings, and any other information you want to include); introduction text; eCookbook title; closing text; and any additional text for the various sections. All text must be copyedited and finalized before designed. No design work is done until the items are provided.


Designing a pdf guide is very straightforward. Once finalized copy and images are provided, the design process can happen very quickly. This process is crafted, so that subsequent guides can be created using the same template. For future eCookbooks, once the client provides the copy and photographs, the process would start at Step 6. 

  1. Client provides the copy and photographs
  2. LH designs templates and 2 cover layout options
  3. Client provides feedback on layout.
  4. LH updates designs for final approval
  5. Client approves the designs
  6. LH pushes the layout to production – design replicated for all recipes
  7. Client reviews layout
  8. LH makes any final edits
  9. Client approves final layout and pays invoice
  10. Final draft released to client


Digital cookbooks are billed at my hourly rate of $150/hour. Cookbooks can take anywhere from 5-10 hours to complete. Very large cookbooks can take 10+ hours to complete. The longest phase includes the first presentation of the design and pushing the design to production (replicating the design for all recipes). When I send each phase of the project, I will send you an update of how many hours have been spent on the project. Final payment is due before I release the final product to you.

Timeline & Schedule

The project can take up to 4 weeks to complete. Rush charges are available at $250/hour. The more time I have to complete the design, the better.


In order for the process to work smoothly and efficiently, please take note of the following considerations.

  • All copy should be edited and finalized before the design process starts. We should not spend time on copy edits during the revision process. If we do, I’ll be unhappy, and it can lead to higher costs (more time spent on the project). 
  • All copy should be provided in a Google drive document.
  • Be consistent with punctuation and abbreviations.
  • Closing text on eCookbooks consists of two parts: (1) Call to action to engage on social media, and (2) Copyright disclaimer.
  • Photographs must be high-res and at least 1200 pixels wide.
  • Photographs can be sent either through Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Digital cookbooks will be designed to be printed through a standard printer with 8.5 x 11 computer paper and used online.
  • Additional items to consider include the following:
    • Using QR codes or Bit.ly for additional information
    • Printing the guide as a booklet for a giveaway (need to know at the start of the project)
    • Designing for ISSUU


Questions? Ready to work together? Let’s chat about your project! If you are interested in working together or would like to hear more about my services and design process, please inquire here.

From there, we can schedule a phone call to establish a custom proposal and timeline for your project. I currently have a 4-8 week waitlist for all cookbook design projects. I look forward to hearing from you!