Custom Blog Design

Each project is tailored specifically to the client’s goals, challenges, and audience. I create a custom estimate depending on the project deliverables. What is included below is to give you an idea about typical deliverables, process, timeline, and cost. 

Studio Philosophy

I aim to create seamless user experiences for your readers. The way they interact with your website should be effortless. They should be able to access the content they need and find the experience brings them back to your website to engage in more content. 

Now, everyone will tell you that’s their goal – but how do they do that? I utilize a combination of qualitative and quantitative data points to understand your readers needs and wants. What one reader wants from one food blog differs from another food blog. It is very important to understand what the data is saying specifically about your blog and your audience. 

Through that information, I use those data points to drive decisions about how to organize and present your blog content (categories). Uncomplicated user experiences require the technical knowledge to build WCAG 2.1 compliant themes that are fast and search engine optimized. With the latest developments in Gutenberg, WordPress themes need to be dynamic, so that you can use the block editor to manage and optimize your content presentation. 

Each project has unique goals, but each project must (1) provide your readers with a unique, straightforward user experience and (2) provide you with the tools to scale your website as your brand grows and web standards evolve.

What’s Included?

While each project proposal is tailored to the specific project, this breakdown will give you an estimate of starting rates and deliverables. About 90% of my projects include the full suite (logo, design, and development). Occasionally, I will work on projects where I do either the design or the development, but I prefer complete rebrands. Complete rebrands ensure that each brand touchpoint is cohesive with the overall new brand direction.

Brand Identity & Strategy

  • Brand strategy brief and mood boards identifying brand goals, focus, audience, and visual strategy;
  • Custom design of the following: Primary logo (horizontal), secondary mark (vertical/square), and icon; Signature brand color palette; Font system; Custom brand pattern to be used on other collateral; Business Card, and Brand Guideline PDF;
  • $6,000 – Additional costs may be added depending on additional brand collateral added to the package.

Blog & Web Design

  • Initial presentation of deliverables for each template in a PDF outline;
  • System block guide, simple wire framing, and site map;
  • Desktop Wireframe PDF: Includes six templates – homepage, single post, archives (category/tags/date/author), search, 404, and default page. Includes mockup of dropdown menu and subscribe box;
  • Mobile Wireframe PDF: Includes the following six templates – homepage, single post, archives (category/tags/date/author), search, 404, and default page. Includes mockup of mobile menu, mobile search, and subscribe box.
  • Additional templates include a Recipe Index, Video Page, Cookbook page, Additional Gutenberg Blocks, and Additional Page templates specific to the brand in both desktop and mobile design.
  • Starts at $11,000.

WordPress Theme Development

  • Site Audit: PDF Report identifying areas of improvement to help streamline and organize your WordPress website, such as unnecessary plugins, 404 errors, duplicate pages, and post taxonomy suggestions.
  • Site cleanup and optimization – Categories, Plugins, Pages, etc. This includes optimizing how your blog is organized.
  • Custom Theme Development: Easy-to-use and manage WordPress theme built completely custom from the ground up (no child themes); Custom-built backend features using WordPress CMS system, tailored to your specific needs; Integration of email sign-up forms from your email provider (MailChimp, Convertkit, Mailerlite, etc); Mobile-first development following SEO best practices; Follows Google’s best practices.
  • Testing: Presented on local staging site (test server) then uploaded to live site (know exactly how your site looks, minimal site interruptions); Site-speed optimized (without ads).
  • Tutorial: Video tutorials showcasing different dashboard features of theme; Written cheat-sheet guide to using different theme features
  • Starts at $11,000.

Process & Timeline

All projects follow the same structure, but the timeline can vary depending on the scope of the project and current caseload. Each project is managed through Asana, with a detailed breakdown of project deliverables.

  1. Inquire: Complete the form below with details about your project. If your project aligns, I will schedule a consultation call with you to discuss your project more in-depth. 
  2. Onboarding: After our call, you will receive the onboarding materials (project contract, timeline, and questionnaires). The Asana timeline will specify when these deliverables are due. 
  3. Discovery: Each project involves a comprehensive brand and technical audit. The brand audit helps identifies numerous areas of focus, such as what verticals we want to callout with your site organization. The technical audit identifies areas that need to be “cleaned up” before switching themes. 
  4. Design and Development: Then, we work through the project task list (Asana timeline). Designs need to be finalized before development begins. 
  5. Installation: Once the project nears installation, we will find a date that works best. Your project will receive support post installation for one month. 
  6. Support and Maintenance: Clients have the option to participate in maintenance and design support packages. These are completely optional and tailored to each individual client. 

Full projects take approximately 4-6 months to complete depending on the scale of the project. I usually take on one new project at a time, so that I can continue to support existing clients with design and development work.

Investment & Payment Schedule

A complete project starts at $28,000 but can go up to $36,000+. Payments are broken down into monthly installments over the course of the project. The project needs to be paid in full before the site launches and deliverables are released.

Clients of Note

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  • Belly Full
  • Chopstick Chronicles
  • Creme de la Crumb
  • Detoxinista
  • Going Awesome Places
  • Hello Nutritarian
  • Just One Cookbook
  • Love, Filipino Food
  • Mood Lift Foods
  • Omnivore’s Cookbook
  • Our Best Bites
  • Peas & Crayons
  • Pickled Plum
  • Recipe Girl
  • Sally’s Baking Recipes
  • Sara Arnell
  • Six Sisters’ Stuff
  • Startup Spark
  • Street Smart Nutrition
  • The Little Epicurean
  • The View from Great Island
  • The Roasted Root
  • Valerie’s Kitchen
  • Wholesome Made Easy


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