Essential Omnivore


Essential Omnivore is a food, nutrition, and wellness blog focused on breaking down the world of food into easy essentials. Written by Lucia Hawley, the recipes offer a clear guide for healthy, unfussy, and mainstays foods of internal and external wellness.

Blog Design Project Goals

Making the transition to full-time freelancer, Lucia wanted an online platform where she could bring together her private consulting work and recipe development. The branding needed to convey her authenticity, diversity, and non-coercion approach to wellness. Furthermore, the custom theme development needed to embody those characteristics as her brand grows and launches different products. Since previous approaches to her blog design utilized premade tools, Lucia wanted a custom identity that would scale as her brand scales.

Logo Development & Branding

The Essential Omnivore brand identity balances authority and expertise with an honest and open tone. As a nutritional therapy practitioner, Lucia brings expert knowledge about health and wellness to her recipes. Moreover, her brand tone is real, honest, and personal. Using a classic navy with peach, marigold and grey, the brand plays on traditional elements while staying modern and intimate.

Blog Design & Development

For her blog design, I implemented a few features to start – recipe index, curated homepage, dynamic category and tag templates, and seamless RewardStyle integrations. Hence, as she grows her brand, she’ll be able to turn on podcast features and digital download selling capabilities. Lucia identified these elements as theme capabilities she wanted with her rebrand.

Essential Omnivore Business Cards