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I’m an email minimalist. A filled inbox with hundreds of unread emails sounds like complete hell to me. I’ve paired down my personal email to just essentials (friends/family and business emails) but keep my professional email full of client communication and my favorite newsletters.

Top 5 Newsletters for Content Creators

Personally, I prefer newsletters that don’t repeat content on their website as the primary purpose of the email campaign. I read blogs regularly, and I sign up for newsletters for subscriber only content. When someone sends an email that includes the blog post + the free download, I’m not that interested in it because I’ve already seen a bulk of the content in the post.

Kory Woodard | Wild Hearts Community

Each week Kory puts out a thoughtful and honest letter about her business. She talks about issues that business owners and bloggers face, and how to resolve them (either how she has personally or her clients). I always find that her newsletter touches on challenges that are realistic to small business entrepreneurs.

Smack Bang Designs

I found Smack Bang Designs on Pinterest and love the work of this Australian-based design studio. Their newsletter is an excellent extension of their brand, and full of meaningful information.


Even though they include posts and promotion, I make one exception for Yoast. I love everything that Joost and team create it. The blog posts, e-books, resources, are all so helpful and explained very clearly. I always welcome an email from them.


The first newsletter – Brainpickings is always a favorite of mine. It’s like the Sunday paper for millennials. Brainpickings is always very inspiring, and even though it doesn’t focus directly on my niche, it is a tremendous source of inspiration and creativity for me.


Every week or so, Maggie sends out an email about what’s going on in news and pop culture that are important to millennial women. Especially women who care about creating a better life. It’s never too long, and it’s never too much, and it’s just the right dose of commentary.

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Top 5 Newsletters for Content Creators