4 Tips To Go From Freelance to Full-Time


Corporate America kind of sucks, and dictating your professional growth and success is so appealing! Most people want to work for themselves, but taking the jump from freelance to full-time is full of lots of unknowns. As someone who went from freelancing/hobby to full-time through my business, here’re a few of my tips!

4 Tips for Transitioning from Freelancer to Full-Time Business Owner

Focus But Diversify

Before I made the jump, my interests were more a tangled web of things I enjoyed and not one purposeful thing. When I started exploring different career paths, that’s what I did! I studied, but as I knew I wanted to become a solo-entrepreneur, I realized that I had to narrow down my focus. By focusing on just design + web development (for WordPress), I was able to grow my accomplishments exponentially. With a focus, I established my priority. As a result, I was able to rule out potential distractors. Kyla Roma recently wrote on how a big key to success is knowing the difference between urgent and important. A focus will also help establish you as an expert.

Focusing doesn’t mean you are a one-trick pony! By determining a focus, you can diversify your products and services through that niche in not only price points but as well as effort spent. In client-based business, passive income is huge; it allows you to generate revenue by putting in the effort up in advanced. As I grew my business, I started to diversify my income streams. I honestly wish I did this from the beginning (but I had no goals in the beginning). Here’s what expanding looks for me:

A focus will help establish you as an expert. Once you narrow down your focus, brainstorm ways you can diversify those revenue sources! Essentially, you will end up with an informal business plan!

Shiny Object Syndrome Is For Children

If you want to take the jump to entrepreneurship and be successful, you need to know yourself and your brand. You need to be an adult about your business. If you know who and what your business is, you can separate what is right for your business and what is not. One of the biggest differentials between my blogging and small business clients is that my small business clients make accurate and timely decisions. Entrepreneurs established their business, and they have a very good idea of where they are going with it. The majority of bloggers started their blog out as a hobby and are trying to break into the business realm, but they don not have that identity and focus.

You Work More For Yourself Than For Someone Else!

Solopreneurship is gritty. The first year of business is madness, and it should be for everyone. As you are trying to survive, you are also fine tuning yourself. If you want entrepreneurship to work for you, you need to put in the work. If you give it your all, you are giving yourself the best opportunity for success.

Actions Make Leaders, Not Words

At the end of the day, whatever it is that you do, it needs to be high-quality. Customers and clients expect the best for what they pay for, regardless of the price point. If your work or product has errors or issues, you need to make sure you are resolving those and continually improving. It is also very easy to get caught up the marketing of yourself and lose sight of what you do (or do the reverse in my case). Marketing is only as valuable as what you do. If you provide something that is innovative, beautiful and meets the needs of your ideal clients and customers, that alone will give you a rich base of clients and customers.

While these characteristics can help you become a successful entrepreneur, it is important to remember that everyone’s path is different. Just because someone does x, y, and z. Doesn’t mean that x, y and z are a great fit for you. You are the captain of that road, and your confidence, self-reflection, and continual growth will help determine where that path of success leads.

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4 Tips for Transitioning from Freelancer to Full-Time Business Owner