Setting Up Gmail with Your Branded Domain For Free

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posted on: January 19, 2018

Yes. You can send emails from using Google for free. If you are like me and keeping your expenses low is a priority, then you will love this solution for branded domain emails.

You might have thought that you need to pay for Google Apps for Work or use the clunky email hosting that comes with your WordPress hosting, but no fear.

Why Do You Need A Branded Domain Email

These days and emails don’t have the same professional characteristic as a branded domain. A branded email represents your professional. Secondly, a branded domain helps with your email campaigns, specifically RSS campaigns. Non-Branded domains tend to get placed in the spam folders more than branded domains!

Why Google

Personally, I have used Google for everything. It’s my favorite email provider, and I sync the calendar settings with my computer.

After a few years of separating components, I have realized that the separation is not necessarily needed for a solopreneur. When am I going to check my personal email but not my business email at the same time? Instead of checking email separately, this method now integrates both.

Furthermore, I still set up the same rigorous label organization, so that my emails are separated business and personal. I have only one Google drive and one Google calendar that integrates everything.

Setting Up Your Email Via Google

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to configure everything via SiteGroundSiteGround is my preferred WordPress host, and where I have setup my new account. Over the last six months, I have moved countless clients to SiteGround, all of them have been happy with the transfer.

This approach allows you to have a branded domain without paying for Google Apps for Work, so it’s a way to cut down on expenses – especially if you are just starting out.


  1. Login to your SiteGround hosting account, and access your CPANEL.
    How to Setup a Branded Email Domain with Google for Free
  2. In the CPANEL, go to EMAIL ACCOUNTS.
    How to Setup a Branded Email Domain with Google for Free
  3. Create the username and password for the account you want to create. For example,
    How to Setup a Branded Email Domain with Google for Free
  4. Then, return to the CPANEL, and go to MX ENTRY.
  5. Select REVERT DEFAULT. The MX records will appear, and they look like “”. If you choose SET GOOGLE MX, it’s as if you are setting up Google Apps for Work.How to Setup a Branded Email Domain with Google for Free
  6. Then, return to the CPANEL. Go back to EMAIL ACCOUNTS, and open up ACCESS WEBMAIL for the account you created in a new tab.How to Setup a Branded Email Domain with Google for Free
  7. In a new tab, go to your Gmail account. In the top right corner, select the SETTINGS. A bunch of tabs will appear, and you want to go to ACCOUNTS AND IMPORT.
  9. A new window will appear where you add your email address that you created in step 3.How to Setup a Branded Email Domain with Google for Free
  10. A new window will appear titled “Send Mail Through Your SMTP server.” The SMTP Server should be the same records you saw in step 5, and the username and password should be your full email and password that you created in Step 3. Change PORT to 465. Press ADD ACCOUNT.
  11. Google will send a verification code to your email. Go back to the tab we opened in Step 9. You should receive an email from Google with your verification, and add it to the other window.
  12. Then, you have verified your site, and you can send emails from your branded email.
    How to Setup a Branded Email Domain with Google for Free
  13. To receive emails to this account, go back to your CPANEL and select FORWARDERS.
  14. Finally, you will want to setup an email forwarder where the email you create in Step 3 goes to the same email address that you send emails. For example, I can send emails through both and forwards to

Once you verify your email, you can send and receive emails! You will receive emails and be able to send them from your branded email account!

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Roos says:

Hi Lindsay, why is step 5 needed? I don’t understand. I am fussing with getting the mail from Sitegr into Gmail. What’s the benefit of step 5? I thank you for your answer!

    Lindsay Humes says:

    The benefit of step 5 is to ensure you are using SiteGround email hosting instead of Google Hosting for your email provider. You are using the Google interface to receive and send emails, but those actual emails will be hosted on your SiteGround account (and not Google servers).

Roos says:

As a PS, at step 5, do I choose ‘Set Google MX’ yes or no? thanks for the help.

    Lindsay Humes says:

    If you are using Google Apps for Work for your email hosting, then you would choose “Set Google MX”. But in this tutorial, you are using your web host for your email hosting, so you would not set that up.

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