Grow Your Blog By Posting Less Frequently


Before I decided to blog less frequently, I viewed the approach with a lot of skepticism. I feared that the momentum I had generated would stop. Frankly, whenever I blog less often, it’s always due to one thing – work. I tend to blog less when I’m extremely busy with projects. Nevertheless, my site views still remain consistent even when I don’t post frequently. In today’s post, I’m reviewing how you can grow your blog by posting less frequently.

Blogging Less Strategy to Grow Your Blog

With my rebrand, I launched thinking that my custom work, shop, and blog would be three pillars of my business that generate approximately equal revenues. Fortunately, my custom work has exploded, and it’s nowhere close to an even split. I had to spend less energy on the shop and blog. Initially, I struggled to identify this next step. After a few months, things finally made sense – thematic content.

Using Export All URLs, I generated an Excel spreadsheet of my blog posts. Then, I created an editorial calendar based off of upcoming product launches this year, such as Brand Soirée. With each blog post, I’m adding a lead magnet that corresponds to the respective product (theme). Right now, I’m focusing on promoting my Blogging Better Audit email course (free). Using Revisionize, I’m going through each post – creating a new brand graphic, updating it with SEO-friendly best practices (better headings, external and internal links), and value-added content (infographics when possible). Right now, I’m doing two posts a week. This practice could scale back to one post a week later in the year. I do not plan to get through all of my posts, but I do expect to redo anything related to a product launch.

Lastly, I decided to blog less to focus more on passive monetization strategies with the blog. Instead of creating all this free content, I’m exploring adding more guides and products to my website. Furthermore, over the past year, I’ve seen more success with my affiliate income, so I’m focusing on improving my posts to include relevant recommendations.

How Pinterest Helps Generate Evergreen Traffic

In blogging, you see the expression “evergreen” content, which means blog post written text and visuals are always relevant. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest generates evergreen traffic. Regardless if I pinned something last week or last year, I could still produce significant pageviews from it. Over the years, I’ve explored different blog post template layouts and formats, and I feel very confident in knowing what style does the best for me on Pinterest. Currently, I’m updating my Pinterest boards with sections and using Tailwind to schedule content.

As for other social media platforms, I’m scaling back. The effort-return did not even out. This Minimalist podcast episode was particularly helpful. I always try to lead a more minimalist life personally, but I’m trying to apply that to my social media and marketing presence as well. Less is more.

Is Blogging Less Right For You?

When working with custom clients, I look at their Google Analytics. If a particular post received little or no traffic in the past year, we would identify that content and causes for its unpopularity. Clients can either determine to update it (which quite a few of my food blogging clients are doing) or delete and redirect it. It’s entirely up to personal preference.

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How I Grew My Blog, By Blogging LessHow I Grew My Blog, By Blogging Less