Planning Your Holiday Blog Content & Gift Guide Ideas

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posted on: December 8, 2018

The holiday season is nearing! For some bloggers and business owners, this season is where you make a good chunk of your income for the year. How you present and organize your site can contribute to how effectively you monetize. Today’s post focuses on how to make the most out of this holiday content from a brand strategy and SEO perspective. I recommend these strategies to all of my clients.

Prepare Your Shop For The Holidays

Despite what you frequently see, creating a dedicate “Holiday Shop” for your blog is not a good idea. Instead, update your existing shop with holiday relevant links and products. Add sections that are relevant to the holidays.

Why? After the holiday season, you still want to be able to monetize that page. Links to your holiday page will still be live. Readers will go to that page even after the holidays. You would also be linking to your Shop after the holidays in posts, emails and on social. Why not keep it consistent and drive your traffic there? Plus, most bloggers regularly update their Shop, but do they periodically update their Holiday Shop? No.

Kristin from Color By K does a great job of promoting her shop page. She links to it on her Instagram and in her posts. Thus, it is her second most popular URL (behind her homepage), which helps monetize her brand significantly.

Gift Guide Must-Haves

A consistent structure with your gift guides will help you generate beautiful, optimized content. It will also enhance the presentation of your content. If you have the same sort of structure (headings) to each gift guide, it will be easier for you to craft them quickly. Here’s what you should include:

  • H2 headings (at least one, but two recommended)
  • At least 300 words focused on your keyword
  • Internal links (links to past posts)
  • One Pinterest-optimized image
  • Affiliate links

Republish Old Gift Guides with Revisionize

If your blog permalink structure does not include the date, then I strongly suggest that you update and republish your past holiday gift guides. Republishing posts that already have established SEO, engagement, and traffic will increase your monetization potential compared to publishing new posts.

Update the posts with new affiliate links, and enhance the content to be more search engine friendly – links, headings, and at least 300 words related to the topic. If your permalink structure includes your date, don’t use this method.

Install and activate Revisionize. Under Posts < All Posts, you will now see Revisionize show up when you hover over a post title. It appears next to “Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View.” Go to the post you want to edit, and click the Revisionize link. It will create a new revision for your published post by cloning it. You can edit the post like an unpublished draft and save your changes without affecting the live post. Once you are done editing, you can click the Publish or Schedule button. The plugin replaces your live post with a new version. The draft is still stored as a revision draft, so you can edit it again or publish it again.

Gift Guide Topics

Select gift guide topics that align with your brand. For example, if you are an affordable fashion blog, create several gift guides based on price point. If your content is more color oriented, do gift guides by color. By finding topics that align with your overall brand, the content seamlessly intersects with your overall brand, and thus, providing your readers with a more enjoyable experience.

Gift Guide Ideas

These post ideas aim to get your creative juices flowing. Choose ideas unique and relevant to your brand will make them stand out amongst all the other gift guides out there this season. Mixing and matching ideas together can speak directly to your audience. For example, you might create a Tech Fanatic Gift Guide for Your Guy with products under $100.

  • By Price Point (great for affordable style bloggers): Under $10, Under $25, Under $50, Under $100, Under $200;
  • Beauty: Haircare, Makeup, Nails, and Skincare;
  • Career: Design Lovers, Girlbosses, Photographers, and Tech Fanatics;
  • Color-Obsessed: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Black, and White;
  • Food: Beer Loves, For the Kitchen, For the Cook, Host/Hostess, Sweet Tooth, Wine Snobs, and Taco-themed;
  • Style: Accessories, By Brand (Amazon, Nordstrom, Shopbop, etc.), Sweaters, Shoes, etc.;
  • Travel: By City or Country, Traveler, and Wander;
  • Wellness: Cookbooks, Healthy Living Books, Food, Fitness, Outdoor Lovers, and Sports Fanatics;
  • By Gift-Receiver: Husband/Boyfriend, Girlfriend/Wife, Mom/Dad, In-Laws, Friends, Babies, Children, Dog Lovers, and Cat Lovers;
  • Other: Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa, and White Elephant.

Scheduling & Promote Your Guides

Start sharing your guides in November to ensure that Google will index them. Increase how frequently you promote your guides on social media. If you typically only share a post once on Facebook, try sharing it twice – once published and once a week later. Using tools like Coschedule and Tailwind to schedule your content can help you out dramatically this season.

Do you have any questions about holiday content strategy? I’d love to hear your feedback! If you are interested in learning more about SEO, make sure to subscribe to my SEO newsletter here!

Planning Your Holiday Blog Content & Gift Guide Ideas

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