Free Ways to Improve Your Blog Design


With the Holiday season and the New Year coming up, you might be thinking that you need a blog design. However, there are a few ways you can dramatically improve your blog design without redesigning your site. They are all for free!

Free Ways You Can Update Your Blog Design

Purposeful Content on Your Pages

Your website’s content – images and text – are the most immediate ways you can upgrade your website. Your blog design is a frame to your content (the art). You want to show your best work. In order to do that, you should consider the following upgrades:

Clean Up Your Sidebar + Menu

A blog sidebar is a way for you to provide your readers with useful secondary content. Ideally, you would use this space to encourage readers to click to past content and or subscribe. You also want to make sure it is aligned clearly, and that it has a nice flow. Helpful Posts: 5 Things Your Blog Sidebar Can’t Live WithoutWordPress Widgets + Widget Areas

A website’s menu is also key to your reader’s experience and improving your page views. Does your menu encourage readers to click and search through past content? How are your posts organized? Do they encourage readers to click-thru? Helpful Posts: Setting Up Your WordPress MenuWordPress Pages + Categories: What to Use + When?, + Adding Categories to Navigation + Widget Areas

Improve Your Site Speed

A slow site is an awful experience. It is frustrating for the user, and it impacts your website’s SEO. Nobody recommends a slow website to their friends, or if they do, they make sure to point that out. Your website speed is about your reputation. You want to make sure that your images are sized down for web, and that you are utilizing a CDN and Caching system for your website. Helpful Posts: Move Over, Grandma!What Kind of Website Home Do You Have, How to Transfer WordPress Host

Maximize Your Email Newsletter

I’m always surprised when blogs have not extended their branding to their newsletter and when they have not setup any type of RSS campaign by email. An RSS campaign allows readers who prefer to read your blog via email to get those emails. Setting up these two features are keys in growing your brand! Helpful Posts: How to set up a RSS Campaign in Mailchimp, Why You Should Build An Email List, and Email Newsletter Design Best Practices

Other Helpful WordPress Posts

If you are a WordPress blogger or website owner who is feeling like you are not optimizing your WordPress site to its potential, you might be interested in these resources that will help you improve your website’s functionality and user experience.

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Free Ways You Can Update Your Blog Design