The Internet Is Pregnant: How to Evolve Your Blog When Your Life Changes


Last year, it started – a few blogging friends found out they were pregnant. Then, family members announced they were pregnant. And then, I had a few potential clients want to do a blog design before their pregnancy. And then, finally, more customers and blogging friends announced they were pregnant again. In fact, I have to think about what friends are NOT pregnant or haven’t been in the last year, and that list is small. Hence, why I’ve concluded that the Internet is Pregnant.

With this significant life change for most bloggers, they are wondering how to work in this content to their blogs. My presentation at #TBSCon focused on how bloggers should avoid the lifestyle blogging niche due to the negative impact it has on SEO. You can implement lifestyle blog post ideas within your target niche!

I’m not pregnant, but I have worked with quite a few clients who are. I wanted to touch on a few challenges that have come up as we worked together.

How to Evolve You Blog When Your Life Changes

Rebranding: Before or After Pregnancy

Since this topic has come up with a few of my clients, I recommend doing it after your pregnancy, especially if it is your first. Likely, if a fashion or lifestyle blog, your content will evolve over the next few months. Opportunities to engage with brands on motherhood content will likely present themselves. Wait, until your content reflects this direction.

When people rebrand, they typically use the opportunity to get new brand photographs. No one wants to be pregnant longer than nine months, especially when it comes time to your digital brand.

While you might think that you can get a lot done before the baby, you should focus those energies on cleaning up and optimizing all of your past content. That’s the real work of the rebrand. You might find these posts helpful: How I Keep My Blog Organized and Four Proven Blog Design Tips to Get Readers to your Blog.

Changing Your Content

I’ve been reading this particular style blog for years before I became a designer. I loved her material because she had a similar body shape to mine, and she would feature certain statement pieces over and over. Plus, I admired her style. Then, she got pregnant. Her style posts became fewer and fewer, and her content switched to lifestyle. I stopped reading less often. When I checked her blog months later, she had mentioned the decrease in readership.

If you’ve established a base in a certain niche, stay true to that. Otherwise, you risk losing your readership. You don’t see professional photographers or writers stop writing in their niche as soon as they have kids. Incorporate it if the opportunity is there, but don’t sacrifice your bread and butter.

Integrate Content Into Your Niche

Most bloggers view adding different verticals as a way to diversify their content and monetization opportunities. Often, this content takes away from their readership. Instead, use these verticals as a way to add value to your traditional content. For example, if you are a food blogger who wants to write more about home decor and interior design, feature more of the settings in your post photography. Talk about home decor with your recipes. If you are a fashion blogger, who wants to expand to travel, add that content to your outfit posts.

When it comes to motherhood, pregnancy, and weddings, you should always integrate those topics into your main content, don’t separate. Tell your pregnancy story through food or fashion, respectively.

Creating a Sustainable Routine

Your blog is your business. You need to have a system in place that will allow you to continue to generate high-quality content even when you are working. As freelancers, maternity leave is not the same as in corporate America. Working smarter, not harder to continue to grow your brand should be your primary objective. Personally, I love tools like Coschedule’s Requeue and Tailwind to allow me to batch my social media scheduling. If you have to blog less, then start now, before it’s too late!

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