Modern Dame


Modern Dame is a lifestyle and entertaining blog, written by Los Angeles-based content creator, Janet Pae.  Jordan from The Studio 9 Company completed the brand identity and blog design. The layout and design feature several areas where Janet can showcase the breadth of her content. Furthermore, it is a blogger-friendly design with regards to monetization opportunities and engagement. Resulting in a beautifully designed user experience.

Development Features

The homepage features a jquery slider, where Janet can select what posts show in the slider (and when). Below the slider is a truncated view of her posts with specific fields for affiliate widgets. A footer section populates related posts and select products. The theme template includes a stylized affiliate shopping area and custom vendor layout. The project also included an affiliate shop template, optimized post view layout, and stylized support pages. With this build, Janet easily controls post and page content. I enjoyed partnering with both Modern Dame and The Studio 9 Company on this custom WordPress development project.


Modern Dame Blog Design by Studio 9 Company and Development by Lindsay Humes
Modern Dame