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I have had the pleasure of working from home for almost a year and a half. It’s not as glamorous as one would think. Finding a schedule that works for me took some time, but nearly two years of working from home, I have fully embraced this lifestyle.

Last summer, I realized that I was not happy living in Chicago. While it is a great city, there are certain elements that I don’t like. As I’m getting closer to purchasing a house and developing more permanent roots, I knew I did not want to spend the rest of my life here. My boyfriend and I talked about different possibilities and options. Then, in early February, he received a job offer to work for a company in Silicon Valley. So, we will be moving out to California this month!

Work From Anywhere for Your Freelance Career

Fortunately, being an online business allows me to have a lot of flexibility. When I first started out my business, almost all of my clients were from Chicago. As I have grown, my clients come from all over the world. So, moving my business cross-country is not that stressful, surprisingly.

If you have ever read The $100 Startup or The 4-Hour Work Week, you might also be dreaming of working from wherever you want. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of documentation on steps you should take as a business owner. So, I plan to share details about the logistics and steps I’m taking to move my business.

Once Adam confirmed his offer, I re-evaluated my plan for March and April. The move impacts these two months (limited Internet access, working from random places, etc.). I determined my priorities, identified things that I could get ahead on, and reviewed my existing processes.

  • Custom Client Work: My custom design packages are my number one priority. These services will come before any other tasks in my business. My clients have paid deposits, completed homework elements, and promised to adhere to a strict timeline. I have also paid that promise, and it is vital that I adhere to it on my end. If I can’t get a blog post done or respond to a tech support request in 24 hours, I’m okay with that for March and April.
  • Getting Ahead on Blog Posts: I reviewed my editorial calendar for the month of March and April, and I built a bank of blog posts. My goal is to have one post published a week. I have several blog post ideas and product releases, but I will add these posts as time allows.
  • Review My Processes: Using 17Hats for tracking leads and client projects has been a godsend. I’ve setup all of my workflows for both blog shop packages and custom work – a huge time saver. I also went through any project template files I use and make sure they are optimized.

Once I had my plan of action, the next step was to communicate this change to all of my currently scheduled custom clients. Since they are my number one priority, the only challenge I foresee is the time change difference. Everyone was very kind and accepting of this change.

Next Steps: These next couple of weeks, I will be working on finishing my taxes for 2015 and then the process of moving my LLC from Illinois to California. I have talked to an attorney previously about it. I might not be able to confirm it until we have a permanent residence established. I plan to create a landing page specific for establishing local SEO in my new area. I will share more of those details as I complete them.

Have you moved your online brand cross-country? What advice would you recommend to a business owner or blogger?

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Work From Anywhere for Your Freelance Career