Where to Purchase Envelopes and Stickers

Graphic Design

When designing stationery for my clients, I’m always thinking about the relationship with envelopes and stickers to the notecard piece. Envelopes can add a potential contrasting brand color element. With The Little Epicurean, I opted for navy/dark ink color notecards to contrast the light bluish-mint color scheme. With The Recipe Critic, I matched the brand design with hot pink envelopes.


If I’m not sure what color envelope I want for a client piece, I visit my local PaperSource to brainstorm ideas. While I love their options, they don’t offer square flap envelopes, which I prefer. My favorite places for envelopes and packaging pieces include the following:

  • Envelopes.com is my go-to for my brand envelopes and the shop mockups. Envelopes.com has an incredible selection of colors and sizes. I recommend checking them out if you know what you need.
  • JAM Paper has an endless supply of color and size options. Last year with my client gifts, I purchased their black photo mailers which worked well with my notepads and notebooks.
  • French Paper Co has beautiful quality papers with excellent capabilities (sizes, features, and varieties). If you are looking for unique paper options, check out their selection! Plus, they are family owned! If you need paper inspiration, check out their blog!


An envelope is not complete without a sticker. For my branding clients, I design four different sticker concepts for them to use along with their envelopes. A sticker adds a personal branding touch to the envelope.

  • Moo offers 1.5″ diameter stickers that you can design in a set of four. If I’m ordering for my clients, I usually order this set.
  • Amazon has everything, including stickers. With my existing branding, I purchased these gold stickers to add to my thank you cards. They are perfect metallic detail. You can find different colors including craft paper and various sizes. I’ve found that the Chromalabel stickers are the best quality for the price.

Postage Stamps

If you really want to complete your brand presence, select stamps that complement your branding. I love perusing the USPS Forever Stamps for fun options. I recently just ordered more, including the botanical art set and love skywriting.  There’s a tremendous selection of options!

It’s really easy to overlook something as simple as envelopes and stickers, but remember that everything that comes from your brand needs to reflect your branding. That includes the packaging!

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Best Places to Purchase Envelopes & Stickers