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posted on: October 3, 2017

Depending on your brand goals, investing in a premium font is a smart move, especially if you are running your blog like a business. Fonts are pricey, but you don’t need that many. One or two fonts are all you need.

Most people don’t want to pay for fonts, so you see the same free one’s used over and over – i.e. Playfair Display and Raleway. As a result, your brand can start looking a lot like X’s brand. Purchasing premium fonts for your brand prevents copycats. Here are my favorite font sources.

  1. Typekit is a web font provider that also includes downloadable fonts; if you have a Creative Cloud membership, then you get to take advantage of all the fonts on Typekit. I would only recommend a Creative Cloud membership to designers, and not the average blogger. You end up paying for more than what you need.
  2. Fonts.com provides the biggest selection of desktop and web fonts. You can find such classics here as Avenir, Futura, and Trade Gothic.
  3. MyFonts and Font Spring have liberal font acceptance policy, so the quality of the type varies dramatically. MyFonts has a huge selection of fonts, and sometimes free downloads that you can try out.
  4. Hoefler & Co is a New York-based type foundry that sells beautiful desktop, web, and app fonts including Gotham and Surveyor.  I’m particularly fond of their new font, Chronicle Display. Pricey fonts.
  5. FontStand is a platform for testing and renting fonts that also offers an option for hosted web fonts!
  6. Village sells fonts from select foundries (pricey), but they offer web font and self-hosted options (depending on the foundry).
  7. Colophon Foundry sells beautiful fonts such as Apercu and Basis, as well as Value Serif.
  8. The Designers Foundry, previously 10-Dollar Fonts, includes several unique fonts, I particularly like Rosemary.

You noticed that I didn’t include Creative Market on this list. There’s no standardization about the quality of type available from that site. I’ve used them in the past for personal and creative projects, but I’m moving away from them.

Where are your favorite places to purchase fonts?

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