How to Remove Image Backgrounds in Photoshop

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When creating product collages for your blog, you will likely want to remove the background from the image. There are two different tools you can use to edit the image – Magic Wand and Magnetic Lasso.

How to Remove Image Backgrounds

Magic Wand Method

Magic Wand is by far my favorite; it is the quickest and works best with images where the background highly contrasts the images.

  1. Open Your Image in Photoshop.
  2. Select the MAGIC WAND tool. In the top control bar, you should see “Sample Size” and “Tolerance.” I recommend using “POINT SAMPLE” and a tolerance level between 10-40. I use around 10-20.
  3. Select the main background areas. If areas are broken up into several parts, hold the SHIFT KEY as you highlight everything.
  4. Once you have highlighted everything, right click your MOUSE. Choose “SELECT INVERSE” from the popup. Now the product should be selected.
  5. Press COMMAND C to copy your selection.
  6. Press COMMAND N to open a new file. You will be able to choose your background settings, and I recommend using TRANSPARENT. The new file will automatically populate to be the size of what you’ve copied.
  7. When the new file opens, press COMMAND V to paste in your selection to the new file. You now have a product without a background.

How to Remove Image Backgrounds

Magnetic Lasso Method

Magnetic Lasso is the other option you can use. It works better for product images that do not have a sharp contrast with the product (aka Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters).

  1. Starting at the edge of the product, trace around the object you want to cut out. You will want to zoom into m ake sure you are getting a good view.
  2. When the entire product is traced out, follow Steps 5-7 above to paste your product into a new file.

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How to Remove Image Backgrounds