Whether you have purchased a theme from my shop, past client, or just a blog reader, this resource section aims to provide you with tutorials and instructions to make the most of your blog design! Review the sections below, or navigate them at your own pace.

My office hours are 9am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday. If you still have questions after reviewing these materials and the blog, please contact me!

Theme Setup

If you are starting your site from the very beginning, make sure you follow this tutorial on how to install WordPress.

Installing Your Theme

  1. Download your theme from either the email or your purchase history.
  2. Open up the zip file. You will see another zip file, a theme icon, and a pin button.
  3. Login to your website.
  5. Select the ADD NEW button at the top of the page.
  6. Select UPLOAD THEME button.
  7. Select the CHOOSE FILE button, and choose your zip file. Then, press INSTALL BUTTON.
  8. A screen will appear saying Unpacking package, you can either do a LIVE PREVIEW or ACTIVATE. If you press ACTIVATE, the getting started theme will set up.
  9. Got to INSTALL PLUGINS under APPEARANCES, make sure ADVANCED CUSTOM FIELDS is installed!
  10. Go to APPEARANCE < CUSTOMIZER, go through the different options to set up your theme logo, colors, and layout.


Special Notes

Exclusive Theme Features
Installation Video

Watch this video to see how I have setup the demo theme! I frequently add video tutorials to my Youtube channel, so make sure to subscribe to receive notifications!

Recommended Plugins

Under APPEARANCE < INSTALL PLUGINS, you will see a list of recommended plugins to install with the theme. These plugins are not mandatory, but they are ones that I recommend with my themes. You can find plugin-specific tutorials here.

Extra Scripts

Each theme comes with a section called EXTRA SCRIPTS. You can add RewardStyle, Google Analytics, and other tracking scripts to your theme directly without using a plugin.

Other Theme Features

Optimize Your Theme

This section details a few add-ons that come with my themes. These add-ons are completely optional for use.

Social Media Links

To activate the menu with the social media icons, you need to make sure you do two things – (1) Select SOCIAL MENU from the theme locations and (2) use one of the profile URLS that come with the theme. When entering the URLS, make sure they begin with either HTTPS:// or HTTP:// Social media profiles supported by my themes include the following:

  • Behance
  • Digg
  • Dribbble
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Stumbleupon
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • WordPress.com
  • Youtube
  • Feeds (Feedly, Feedburner, and regular /feed)
  • Bloglovin (a heart icon)
  • MailChimp (eepurl.com URL)

Social Menu Setup

Menu Icons

You can add a shopping bag or home icon next to respective menu items. Simply add the following under CSS Classes in the Menu:

  • Home Icon: “home-link”
  • Shopping Icon: “shop-link”

Seach Functionality

In Olivia and Sophia themes, you can add a search dropdown to the main menu. Simply create a custom link with the following information:

  • URL: #search
  • Link Text: Search
  • CSS Class: search-link

Shop The Post

Each theme features a “Shop the Post” section. You turn these sections on and off by entering content in them. These sections call-out your affiliate links and widgets at the end of the post. It’s a great way to make key information about your post pop.
Go to POSTS < ALL POSTS. Select a post. Scroll down to the bottom of the post editor to a section called ADDITIONAL POST DETAILS.

  • In the SHOP THE POST HEADLINE, you can put whatever headline text you want for this section.
  • POST LINKS showcases relevant links. You can put anything in this section, but links are recommended.
  • AFFILIATE WIDGET is recommended for affiliate widgets from RewardStyle, Shopsense, or Amazon.

Featured Post

Each theme features a feature post(s) section on the home page. In order to select what posts appear in this section, visit the individual post you want to add by going to POSTS < ALL POSTS. Once you have the post editor open, scroll down to the ADDITIONAL POST DETAILS section. Select the checkbox next to ADD TO FEATURED POST AREA. You can uncheck this box to remove posts from that section.

Theme Widgets

Each theme comes with five specific widgets. These widgets are formatted and designed specifically for this theme. They give your sidebar some added functionality while aligning with your theme’s overall style.

  • StudioLMH About Widget: Displays bio picture and text.
  • StudioLMH Social Widget: Displays links to Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and RSS.
  • StudioLMH Category Posts: Displays recent posts in a certain category.
  • StudioLMH Popular Posts: Displays your most popular posts by comments.
  • Recipe Box: This widget is made exclusively for the Recipe Box page (more below).

Recipe Box & Page

Each theme comes with a Recipe Box page template. This feature allows you to showcase certain categories in a page. You can use it for recipes, outfits, travel, beauty, whatever.

  1. To setup this page, go to PAGES < ADD NEW.
  2. Create the new page. When you select the post template, select RECIPE BOX.
  3. Add whatever copy/introduction text you want to have to this page.
  5. Then, go to APPEARANCE < WIDGETS.
  6. Under RECIPE TOP or RECIPE SUB, select the widgets you want to appear in this section. People typically include an Archives, Category, and/or Custom Menu.
  7. Under RECIPE MAIN or RECIPE BOTTOM, drag the RECIPE BOX SECTION widget. These widgets work best with this template (even though you can use others).
  8. Setup each RECIPE SECTION widget with a title, category and call to action. Make sure to press SAVE.
  9. As you add and save widgets, the RECIPE BOX template page will automatically update.

Visual/Text Editor in Additional Post Details

The theme comes with Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Unlike the video demo, your post editor looks a little different. You can still paste in HTML and scripts. Once you open up the visual editor to the second line, you should see a button that looks like this <>. A popup will appear where you can paste in your affiliate script.

Branding Products

Fonts + Software

Depending on what product you download, you need to have the specific software. If you are looking for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, you can download a version here. Create an account, and start the 7-day free trial. Before you initiate the trial, make sure you are ready to edit your files. After the trial expires, you have to purchase a monthly Creative Cloud membership. If you have a Creative Cloud membership or own Adobe CS4+ or higher, then you can skip this step.

If you are downloading a WordPress theme, you need to have self-hosted WordPress. To set up a WordPress blog for the first time, check out this tutorial!

If you are transferring your blog from another platform or host, you can find step-by-step tutorials here.

Each collection uses a particular set of fonts. For design templates (stationery, media kit, logos), you must have these fonts downloaded to your computer before you customize the template. For themes, you do not need to worry about downloading the fonts. Find the name of your collection below, and download all the fonts listed.

You will need to install the fonts onto your computer. If this is your first time downloading and installing fonts, Adobe has a comprehensive guide for Mac and Windows here. You can also check out my guide here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you customize a shop product for me? Unfortunately, I do not provide this service for goods sold in the shop. The products in the shop aim to provide bloggers with a beautiful brand identity that is affordable. My blog is specifically written to help these customers utilize these products as well as grow their brands. The blog is full of tutorials on WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop!

Can I become an affiliate? I no longer offer an affiliate program. Instead, I offer various sales and promotions available to existing customers. These deals are offered exclusively to customers and occur monthly.

Can I upload my own logo to a blog theme? Yes, all of my themes are built in a simplified style that showcases your content and fits with your individual logo.

Do your themes work with WordPress.com? Blogger? Squarespace? No, my WordPress themes are for self-hosted WordPress only. You need to have a domain, hosting and WordPress software installed in order for our themes to work on your website.
Do you offer refunds?
No, unfortunately, due to the nature of my products, it is impossible to offer refunds. With that being said, I want to make sure you are 100% before you purchase from the Shop. If you have any questions before you purchase, please email hi@lindsayhumes.com.

Do you have any recommendations for hosting? I’ve experienced a few different hosting companies through different clients, as well as myself. No hosting is perfect – especially with regards to shared hosting (often the cheapest). This site is hosted through SiteGround. The cPanel and site security are relatively easy to use. For domain registration, I use Namecheap. Always purchase site security when you are purchasing your domain!

Do I have to keep design credit on my theme? Credit will be placed on your site linking back to Lindsay Humes as the designer of your site. The link must remain on your blog as long as you have elements designed by me.

Can I resell your products? No! Unfortunately, all of my products are available for personal use only. If you resell anything, you will be in violation of my digital service terms of use.

How do I download the files? Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link to the zip file. This process usually happens within minutes, but it might take up to 24 hours to process. If your payment has gone through, and you haven’t received a download link, send me an email!

Can I change the fonts and colors? Yes, you can change the colors in the customizer of each theme, but you cannot change the fonts. Font adjustments require knowledge of CSS. If you need more detailed control, you can use a bit of CSS.

How did you become a freelancer? I get the question a lot, and honestly, it was a process fully of lots of hard work, late evenings and weekends. You can read more about my journey from side-hustle to full-time here, here, and here!

What advice do you have for someone starting a blog? First, invest in photography and then make Pinterest your new BFFF. High-quality original photography will help you reach audiences on your blog and social media channels, and Pinterest will help you maximize your blog post engagement over long-term.


Product Updates

All of my products are tested extensively. I continue to make improvements as technology changes and grows. If you have customized a product, make sure you have a backup of it before you download an update.

  • Olivia Owens
    • V 2.0: Released 3/1/2018
      • Excerpt Customization
      • Widget Fixes
      • Bug Fixes
    • V 1.1.2: Released 10/3/2017
      • Bug fix for RewardStyle Widgets
      • Mobile Updates
    • V 1.1.1: Released 9/24/2017
      • Bug fix for RewardStyle Widgets
    • V 1.1.o: Released 9/18/2017
      • Category Bug Widget Fixed
      • Added Tag Widget
      • Archived Menu Field Removed
      • Ability to add category, tag, and popular post widget to header
    • V 1.0.0: Released 7/10/2017
  • Penelope Parker
    • V 2.1: Released 4/15/2018
      • Blurry Image fixed
      • Small Bug Fixes
    • V 2.0: Released 3/1/2018
      • Excerpt Customization
      • Widget Fixes
      • Bug Fixes
    • V 1.1.1: Released 9/24/2017
      • Added Tag Widget
      • Small Bug Fixes
    • V 1.0.0: Released 7/10/2017
  • Sophia Scott
    • V 2.0: Released 3/1/2018
      • Excerpt Customization
      • Widget Fixes
      • Bug Fixes
    • V 1.0.0: Released 7/10/2017
  • Retired Themes
    • Betula
    • Elm + Pine
    • Hickory
    • Jade
    • Magnolia
    • Olea
    • Sassafras
    • Zelkovia
  • Retired Products + Services
    • All blog post templates: Americana, Bold, Classic, Entrepreneur, Feminine, and Minimalist
    • All customizations to retired themes
    • All premade blog shop packages include WordPress Tech Support, Installation, and SEO Audit
    • All freebies sold through White Oak Creative