How to Save Down Your iPhoto Photos


When it comes time to make investments for your brand, it can be difficult to determine what’s more important. For lifestyle bloggers, I recommend purchasing a camera (and lens) first before they purchase Photoshop. With a great camera, you can do very minimal editing to your photographs.

Even if you don’t have a camera and is just using your iPhone, you still need to edit, save your photographs before you upload them to your site.  For this, I recommend Photo/iPhoto for Mac Users (and Picasa for non-Macs).

Saving down your photos is a must. There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Websites and blogs need to load quickly, especially on mobile. With large images, you are taking away from your user/reader’s experience.

How to Save Your iPhotos

How to Save Blog Photos in Photo

  1. Once you’ve edited your photos in iPhoto,  you select the photos want to use by highlighting them/clicking them.
  2. Go to FILE < EXPORT
  3. Set KIND to JPG.
  4. Change size to CUSTOM.
  5. Adjust the  MAX WIDTH of the double width of your main content. If your blog content width is 700 pixels, your max width should be 1400 pixels!
  6. Change FILE NAME to Sequential
  7. The Prefix for sequential should be something that is SEO optimized, so enter something like: “Nordstrom-midi-skirt”.
  8. Select export. You will select where you want to export the files.
  9. You can upload them to your blog.

By using iPhoto, you are also keeping two different backups of your photos. iPhoto stores your photos, and then you have a separate file of exported files organized by blog post (or just a mess on your desktop).

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