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posted on: January 15, 2017

To be completely honest with you, at the beginning of the summer, my services page was completely out of whack. It had no flow or hierarchy, and it simply listed my services. I wanted to revamp this page in particular because business was slower than usual.  Although, I now know that business tends to be universally more deliberate in the summer. Nevertheless, with this improved services page, new project inquiries have improved in quantity and quality.

A Service Page is All About What You Offer – The Who, What, When, and How

The central focus of this page is to communicate your services, the process, and how someone can contact you or sign up for those services. You need to both appeal to potential clients as well as inform them. Time frame, process outline, and even FAQS are treasured for potential customers to see. This way, they have a thorough understanding of your process, and you do not have to repeat the same email over and over.

Also, if someone has a question about your services, and you’ve listed it on your website, you can always refer them to that link. If someone asks me a question about something that is clearly displayed on my site, it is a red flag for me that they are not that familiar with my work.

Examples of Your Work

You might have a dedicated portfolio, but including images and graphics that feature your services enhance the message. For me, these graphics include different portfolio examples. If you are a blogger, you might want to include the photograph(s) of notable brand collaboration. As I mentioned yesterday on the About page, the images featured on this page should align with your overall website design.

Identify Your Clients

Some people are not ready for a custom website design, and I don’t want to waste their time and money. On my services page, I list characteristics of my custom clients. Some people might still think they have those characteristics, and that’s why I’ve implemented a customer inquiry questionnaire. In this questionnaire, I’m able to determine whether a person is ready for custom work depending on their responses. If I don’t think they are ready, I’m straightforward and let them know. I provide them with additional resources I have, particularly resources aimed at developing one’s brand statement and business plan.

Listing Prices

People have different ideas about listing prices. I’ve done both, and I prefer to record them. Here’s why – it helps weed out inquiries that are not a good fit, and it sets a clear message about what my services cost. For two months, I did not list my prices. During that period, I received less than five inquiries. Since I’ve listed my prices, I typically receive 5-6 inquiries per week.

When I list my prices, I’m communicating to the potential client that this is what it is, and there is no room for negotiation. I’m still surprised when I get an inquiry looking to trade services. I kind of find those inquiries disrespectful, even though I don’t believe the person intends it. I’m a firm believer that if someone does something for me or works for me, I should compensate them accordingly. I’m currently listening to Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and there’s a section where it talks about favors and valuing work that I found particularly helpful.

Easy + Clear Call to Action

At the end of my page, I have a very clear and simple contact form (with the option to email me). I do not make them click another page to communicate with me (had this before). After they read through my page, potential clients can contact me right there! Even though I don’t take all the projects that I get inquiries about, I do want to maximize the inquiries I do get.

Design Best Practices

Keep the layout consistent! Design consistency will help readers follow each component of the page. You also want to make sure you establish a clear hierarchy of information. Don’t want to overwhelm the potential client with information.

Action Steps

Whether a creative entrepreneur or blogger, here’s a few things you can do to improve your Services/Work With Me Page:

  • Edit your content and clearly identify the following parts – Opening, Description of Services, Ideal Client, Process + Timeline, and CTA. You might have to add certain parts to your existing page, so make note of where you want to place those sections in.
  • Identify opportunities to include references to your past work (opening image, description, ideal client, supporting graphics, etc.)
  • Craft a purposeful CTA. Honestly, the less complicated, the easier to maintain.

The biggest thing to remember is to keep it honest and straightforward. Eradicate the guessing game, but don’t overwhelm your readers!  If you find that potential clients are asking you the same questions frequently,  then look for opportunities to incorporate those questions into the page copy.

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