Why I Started An Affiliate Program


Since starting White Oak Creative, I’ve always tried to find meaningful ways to show my clients how much I appreciate them. I do a few things that I hope translate into appreciation – ongoing customer support after the project (and quick responsiveness to emails) and thank you gift after the project. However, I wanted to do something a little bit more, and I started to research affiliate programs.

Why I Started An Affiliate Program for My Online Shop

Who Can Become An Affiliate

Only premade or custom work clients can become White Oak Creative affiliates. These customers have worked with me in the past, and they are my best advocates for my business and its services. Of course, if I expanded it to other people, I could get more of a reach, but the primary purpose of the program is to thank my clients, not grow my business. I also don’t want to run into any conflicts of interest with potential affiliates.

What Do Affiliates Earn Commission On

The affiliate program is only available for the blog shop, but not custom orders. Some people might think that this differential is not fair, as custom work is significantly more than blog shop, my reasons are justified if you understand the difference between the two.

Custom work is my passion. It’s where I can be the most creative, and I’m very protective over the types of projects that are custom projects. I say “no” to custom work orders that are not a great fit. I do not want to jeopardize an existing client relationship because I said no to a custom work opportunity.

Blog shop orders are available to anybody and everybody, and therefore, I would not run into issues jeopardizing an existing client relationship.

How Much Do Affiliates Earn

Affiliates earn 10% on each order. My blog packages are the most frequent sales through the blog shop. With that being said, affiliates can earn anywhere from $4-$25 through the affiliate program (with a tendency between $15-$25 (packages start at $150).

What Do Affiliate Receive

The affiliate program is pretty straightforward. Affiliates get a link and have the opportunity to use three different advertisements – a leaderboard ad, an extended ad, and a square ad. Once clients apply for the program, I will then install the affiliate link as their footer credit. By installing this link to the footer of their site (where typically just my link is), clients earn a commission anytime someone who visits their site, clicks the link. They also have the link if they want to use it on social media, and the opportunity to ad sidebar advertisements to their website.

How Do I Run + Maintain The Program?

It’s is quite simple. I use AffiliateWP to manage and monitor all affiliates. It is quite easy to setup and install. The only thing that I will note is because I’m dealing with private information – emails, commissions, etc. – I setup an SSL certificate for my site. This ensures that affiliate communication is secure and safe.

My First Mistake…

When I launched the affiliate program, I sent an email out to my clients via MailChimp. I wrote it, edited, and thought everything was great. Wrong. The email had no direct CTA. I outlined what the program included, but I didn’t explicitly say “SIGN UP TODAY.” I didn’t realize this issue until one of my clients responded back that she loved it, and thought she was set! Whoops!

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