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Our lives tend to be dominated by visuals. We seek appealing images, and if we have a website, our graphics can impact our success and growth. If your website is focused on the writing content, you can still incorporate great visuals through various stock photography sources. There are hundreds of websites that offer amazing stock photographs for blogging. Here are some of my favorites!

Best Places for Free Stock Photography

Death to the Stock Photo is one of my favorite sites for high quality stock photographs. For free, each month receive a pack of 10 photos, often aligned with a certain category. The photographs tend to convey a more urban, hipster vibe, and if that aesthetic aligns with your brand, Death to the Stock Photo is a perfect match. They use their own license, which you can find on their website.

Unsplash is a great resource for high-resolution photographs. I’m often blown away with the quality and composition of the photographs they present. They release 10 photographs every 10 days, and all photographs fall under the Creative Commons Public Domain License. is great for searching specific high-resolution and free stock photographs. The search feature is miles above the other sites. The site tracks views and downloads, so you can view photographs based on popularity. Hundreds of photographs are added weekly; all released under the Creative Commons Public Domain License.

New Old Stock contains several vintage photographs from public archives. These photographs are free of known copyright restrictions, and if vintage is your stick, this site is your jam. They also have photograph packs available for purchase.

If you’re a blogger, creative, or just a gal on the hunt for the perfect picture, Bloguettes stock photos are perfect for you. Stock That Rocks can be purchased as a monthly membership, and can be canceled at any time. Each month, they add 100+ new images to the library, so you’ll always have new royalty-free photos to choose from!

  • $10/image (shop photos here)
  • $29/month B-Team Membership – includes 15 stock photo downloads & 1 webinar (great for bloggers, small bizs)
  • $75/month Stock Photo Membership – 45 stock photo downloads (best for agencies)

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Using + Modifying Photographs

With some of these sites, I’ve noticed that they are getting really popular, and as a result, I see the images everywhere. When using stock photography, put your own piece of branding on it. Whether it is your post title, tinting the photography, or whatever else you want to add to it, it helps align with your own branding. Long-term stock photography might not be the best solution for your brand.

I would also hesitate from using these photographs for static branding components of one’s site, such as an About or Contact page. When thinking about your whole branding, I’d always err on the side of custom.

Licensing + Providing Accurate Credit

Each website provides explicit instructions on how to use photographs and provide credit. May photograph sources license under creative commons public domain dedication, which means you can copy, modify, distribute, and perform the work, even without permission. Others might require an attribution. Regardless, before you use any photograph for your site that you haven’t taken, view the source’s copyright information.

When selecting photographs, it is always important to make sure that your photographs align with your brand and have a cohesive look and feel. Even though these photographs aren’t yours, you can still implement best SEO practices for your website. And, always make sure to size these images down!!!

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Best Places for Free Stock Photography