Once your website is live, it requires constant maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it provides an optimal user experience to your readers. My signature maintenance plan ensures that your website health is maintained and monitored by a trusted, reliable developer (me). While not required, I strongly encourage clients to sign up for this plan. 

What’s Included

  • Daily uptime monitoring
  • Daily, secure off-site backups
  • Daily security and malware scans
  • Weekly WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Weekly site speed monitoring
  • Monthly unlimited email support
  • 10% off additional project tasks
  • No small jobs
  • Free Annual Audit Report (Plugins, Site Speed, Image Optimization, Accessibility, and Website Health)

Yearly Plan Bonuses: If you opt-in to the yearly program, you will receive the following:

  • 1 hour of retainer work to be completed at your choosing;
  • Video conference call to review the maintenance audit report;
  • Plus one month free (pricing structure).


$30/month or $330/year (one month free)

Additional Details

Payment: You can sign up for a maintenance plan at any time, and you can cancel at any time. If you want to cancel, the cancellation is applied to the next upcoming month. For example, if you wanted to cancel. You cancel anytime before your next billable date. All payments are through Paypal as recurring invoices. You can choose to set up auto pay, or pay each month manually.

Refunds: There are no refunds for partially used months (or year subscriptions). For example, if you cancel at the beginning of the month, you will receive support for that full month. The next month the program will be cancelled. 

Additional Sites: A 10% discounted rate is offered for additional sites. For example, if you have a second site, you receive a monthly rate of $25/month.

Onboarding Process: Part of the onboarding process includes a project contract, questionnaire, and initial invoice. When you are interested in joining, I will send you the onboarding materials. These programs are only available to previous clients. 

Additional Work Per Month: If your project requires additional work per month, we will work together to figure out what is the best way to approach that challenge. Additional work will be billed at $180/hour (discounted hourly rate). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does site uptime monitoring entail? If your website experiences an outage, I receive a notification through email and my phone. Depending on the nature of the outage and length, I will contact you right away. Some outages might be part of widespread issues, and others might be specific to your site. If you have an issue specific with your site and are in a retainer plan, I will work with you and your host to resolve the issue. 

When do you perform the annual audit reports? The audits are conducted once a year per client (unless requested more frequently). Audits are performed by February 15th, June 15th, and October 15th.

What happens when you (Lindsay) go on vacation? When I will not have immediate access to the Internet/my computer, you will know in advance. I do not foresee this happening for a very long time. I’m also working on hiring an assistant who will complete most of my internal tasks. However, if I’m unavailable, the assistant will be able to provide temporary services. 

Who does the work? All of the support plan work will be completed by me. If enough interest grows for the Retainer Plans, then I will add someone to my staff.

What about additional updates and work? If you have additions or changes you would like to make to your site, you would be put on the project queue. When you make a request, I will let you know the estimated waitlist, timeline, and cost for the work. 

I’m currently with NerdPress or iMark, do I need your plan as well?If you are currently with either of these services providers, you can continue to stay with them. You do not need to use this maintenance plan. This program is for clients who want me to take care of the maintenance for them.

What about the retainer plans? The retainer plans will be relaunching under this year. Eventually, this maintenance plan will move under company. If you are interested in retainer services, please email me at

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