The Little Epicurean


The Little Epicurean is a top food blog featuring delicious delicates –  desserts and drinks. Often food blogs focus on a particular niche, such as plant-based or paleo, but Maryanne Cabrera – the founder, photographer, and recipe developer – blogs solely about the fun things to eat and drink!

Optimization & Organization

In the audit process, I identified key topics and verticals that Maryanne could present her blog post content. Before the audit, Maryanne used general terms. However, a bulk of her recipes fell under desserts, baking, and drinks. We reorganized her blog to expand those verticals – smoothies, mocktails, cookies, cakes, brownies. Then, we extended her tags to touch on verticals that would be related to both drinks and desserts – seasonal, holiday, and ingredients.

Brand Identity

I focused on two different objects for her brand identity – gender-neutral approach and playing on the two elements (drinks and desserts). Even though Maryanne’s content tends to have a female audience, she wanted to make sure that her branding was attractive to both men and women. Therefore, I opted for a blue-based brand that also complements her photography. In the stationery and media kit, I incorporate subtle hints that play on the dual element.

Blog Design and Development

The blog design had the following objectives:

  • Curated home page with dynamic content that showcased a plethora of blog posts
  • Streamline static pages for SEO engagement
  • Integrate affiliate opportunities throughout her blog design on different templates and posts
  • Accentuate recipe photography

With the custom theme, I built in features where Maryanne can test layout options as her brand grows. The home, archive, and search page allow her to customize the template with different post layouts. She can select what posts she wants to feature in the hero home section and footer post area. Finally, I built custom affiliate sections throughout where she can diversify her blog income through affiliate revenue.

The Little Epicurean Blog Design The Little Epicurean Blog Design The Little Epicurean Blog Design
The Little Epicurean